Weehawken High Celebrates Unity and Respect with Themed Week

Weehawken High School Spirit Week
Weehawken High School Courtesy of foursquare.com

Weehawken High School Celebrates Spirit Week and Week of Respect

Weehawken High School will be upholding events for their Spirit Week from October 2nd to October 6th to include a celebration of a “Week of Respect”. The school aims to promote respect, kindness, and unity among its students through various themed days.

Spirit Week:

  • October 2nd: The week kicks off with a celebration of diversity. Students are encouraged to wear clothing that represents their country or culture, highlighting the importance of respecting and celebrating differences.
  • October 3rd: To brighten everyone’s day, students are asked to wear neon colors.
  • October 4th: Showcasing school pride, students are encouraged to wear Weehawken gear or colors.
  • October 5th: The school promotes unity with a class color war. Each grade is assigned a specific color: 7th grade wears green, 8th grade sports blue, 9th grade dons purple, 10th grade is in black, 11th grade represents in red, and 12th grade shines in white.
  • October 6th: Emphasizing the comfort of good friendships, students are invited to wear pajamas to school.

Week of Respect:

  • October 2nd (Monday): The school takes a stand against bullying with “Stomp Out Bullying” day. Students wear blue and are encouraged to compliment their peers.
  • October 3rd (Tuesday): Celebrating friendships, students are encouraged to twin with their best friends to demonstrate what a great friend looks like.
  • October 4th (Wednesday): Dubbed “Weehawken Wednesday,” students are reminded that being a good friend is no sweat. They are encouraged to wear their favorite sweats or Weehawken gear.
  • October 5th (Thursday): The school promotes environmental respect with “Respect The Planet” day. Students wear green and are encouraged to pick up trash, both inside and outside the school.
  • October 6th (Friday): Focusing on gratitude and relationships, students are encouraged to wear PJs or tie-dye and express their gratitude to a friend.

Throughout both weeks, the school emphasizes the values of being respectful and kind, as reflected in their hashtags #WeeareRespectful and #WeeareKind. The events are designed to foster a positive and inclusive school environment where every student feels valued and respected.