As the centennial anniversary of the conclusion of World War 1 approaches, the Township of Weehawken has rededicated four stone markers which were originally dedicated in the late twenties.
The stones were recently discovered by the Weehawken Historical Commission on the grounds of Weehawken High School. They were originally dedicated by the students of the Hamilton Grammar School in honor of the four soldiers from that school who lost their lives during the War. When the grammar school was demolished in 1939 to make way for the new high school, the stone markers got buried, but they were recently uncovered.
Today the Township unveiled a new plaque commemorating the rediscovery of the stones, which contain the initials of the four men who died, as well as a new historical marker identifying the site.  The stones are located beneath the flagpole on the west side of the high school.
Hudson TV broadcast the rededication live on Facebook with Jeff Henig reporting.