Weehawken School District makes the grade

Celebration was in the air at Weehawken High School on Thursday morning as educators and students gathered to recognize the hard work behind several key achievements in the school district—
First up news that the district made was named to two different prestigious honor rolls in 2015.
Making the honor rolls wasn’t the only reason for the excitement. Educators say the school district was recently selected by the College Board to implement the innovative AP Capstone program—giving high school students a better chance to attract top-notch universities.
The AP Capstone program will kick off in September 2016. In Weehawken this is Sherry Karabin reporting for Hudson TV.

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  1. Jen Rock via Fb

    Yes Margarita Garcia a reminder to hoboken boe that number of minorities or kids eligible for free lunch shouldn’t be an excuse by a district for lack of success because race and socioeconomic status aren’t indicators of a child’s potential and with great leadership, accountability and hard work vs excuses and finger pointing you can see progress.