Jet ski racing champion Franky Zapata has shattered the Guinness World Record for farthest hoverboard flight on Saturday, during a spectacular attempt off the coast of Sausset-les-Pins, in the south of France.


It wasn’t such a distant dream after all, after Marty McFly hoverboarded his way 30 years into the future.

Zapata traveled 7,388 feet (2,252 meters), crushing Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru’s distance of 905 feet, 2 inches (275.9 meters) in 2015.

The Frenchman achieved the new flight on the Flyboard Air, brainchild of his company Zapata Racing.

It uses jet propulsion to fly hose-free, can reach a maximum height of 10,000 feet, speed of 93 miles per hour and can stay airborne for up to ten minutes.

After the successful attempt a thrilled Zapata told waiting press, ”This has really been a life’s work.”

And Guinness World Records tweeted, “Futuristic history was made!”

Zapata also held a previous Guinness record for 26 backflips with a water jet pack in a single minute.

He certainly put the skeptics to rest and begs the question, will we one day get to commute to work on a hoverboard, zipping past all the gridlock?

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