West Milford House Explosion: Hoboken Fire Department Rescue Effort

A West Milford, NJ, home was leveled after an explosion, Sept. 22. PHOTO: CITY OF HACKENSACK FIRE DEPARTMENT/FACEBOOK

West Milford House Explosion: Hoboken Fire Department Joins Rescue Effort

West Milford, NJ – A devastating house explosion in West Milford, New Jersey, sent shockwaves through the community on Friday, resulting in five people injured. First responders, including the Hoboken Fire Department, raced against the clock to assist in the rescue effort.

The incident occurred in the quiet town of West Milford, located in Passaic County, NJ, just a short distance from Hoboken. The explosion, which shook the neighborhood, prompted an immediate response from multiple emergency services agencies, with the Hoboken Fire Department’s involvement being a crucial part of the operation.

Members of the Hoboken Fire Department’s Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) team quickly mobilized to offer their expertise and support. Among those who played a pivotal role in the rescue were Bat. Chief Luis Moyeno, Captains Ferrante and Diaz, along with Firefighters Melendez, Taglieri, Spina, and Knapp. Their dedication and professionalism shone brightly in the face of adversity.

The collaborative efforts of various departments and agencies on the scene were essential in containing the immediate threat and providing aid to the injured. The joint response demonstrated the effectiveness of well-coordinated emergency efforts, showcasing the resilience and unity of the first responder community.

The explosion resulted in injuries to five individuals, all of whom received prompt medical attention. The extent of their injuries is currently under evaluation by medical professionals. Local authorities are diligently investigating the exact cause of the explosion.

The City of Hoboken and its Fire Department have once again shown their commitment to public safety, extending their assistance beyond city limits when the need arises. This incident underscores the significance of a rapid and coordinated response in times of crisis. For the latest developments regarding the West Milford house explosion, please refer to ABC7NY.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of community resilience and the unwavering dedication of first responders in safeguarding lives and property.