West New York and Local 108 at Odds Over Contract Issue

West New York and Local 108 at Odds Over Contract Issue. Local 108 which incorporates West New York Crossing Guards are looking for clarity from the Roque Administration concerning their contract..


  1. All these so called WNY workers if your not happy with your job QUIT & go get a real job in the private sector ok your OVER-PAID as it is…

  2. All the “problemas” that seem to be recently plaguing WNY & UC R being generated by funds that come from NB mayor Nick Sacco.
    He is delusional that Wiley Coyote (son of a recently arrested NB Gangsta!) can become mayor & continue milking the town, like Sal Vega was…
    But these R the last gasps of Sacco before he is hauled off to jail.
    He really just wants these honest mayors to suffer before he goes down…His true motivation is simply…Is Paris burning?

  3. Mr Pollack, why so much ant- NB and WNY, maybe your being paid
    by Union City since you show up at all these meetings and then
    come out and defend the Mayor from Union City.
    I have never seen you say anything positive about WNY or NB
    and yet the Town of Union City also recieved FBI subpoenas
    and target letters, are you also a target?

  4. Gary,

    Are you telling us that Nick Sacco is paying for FBI raids into Union City?

    That’s mind blowing stuff.