West New York and Union City pharmacies raided by FBI

The FBI was in Hudson County Wednesday morning and they came for something specific.


The startling sight played out as officials carried file folders from a local pharmacy and loaded them into the back of a truck.

A source tells Hudson TV that he believes the FBI was searching 6509 Bergenline Avenue, the Empire Specialty Pharmacy.

Allegedly, Prime Aid Pharmacy in Union City, 3915 Bergenline Avenue was also raided.

According to our source, five undercover cars were parked in front of the business, which had brown paper covering the windows.

Details are scare at this time.

“Agents and personnel from FBI Newark executed court authorized law enforcement activity in West New York and Union City, New Jersey as furtherance of an ongoing investigation,” says Special Agent Michael Whitaker, spokesman for the FBI’s Newark office.

We will bring you more information as it becomes available.