West New York attempted murder suspect captured after decade on the run

Ten years ago a West New York man tried to kill his wife in the area of 58th Street and Hudson Avenue.

Then he went on the lam and law enforcement from multiple agencies couldn’t find him – that is until last week.

The suspect known as Runer Garcia is wanted for attempted murder and aggravated assault, according to Hudson TV sources.

The US Marshals Service Newark branch on Friday confirmed that they assisted in the arrest of Garcia by the New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force.

They never stopped looking for him.

When Hudson TV contacted the Hudson County Sheriff’s Department, we were told that details of Garcia’s case must be requested and obtained through the Open Public Records Act (OPRA).

We also contacted the US Marshal Service Trenton office, Southern District of NY office, Pearl Street, NY office and the FBI.

According to US Marshals Newark and the other agencies, the West New York Police Department might be holding a news conference about this case.