West New York Board of Commissioners table $88,000 snow removal contract. The board unanimously voted to shoot down an $88,000 contract that would have awarded Coyote builders and developers for emergency snow removal on Wednesday.


  1. That was good to see the commissioners working together for the betterment of the Town, if just for this issue. Mayor Roque should explain the real reason for playing forced musical chairs with commissioner responsibilities. It had nothing to do eith “cross-training.”

  2. As a resident of our great town, I would ask someone to check into the ownership of the company that was given the (SO CALLED EMERGENCY SNOW REMOVAL CONTRACT). I believe when they do, everyone will be shocked, Moreover, it has snowed in the Town of West New York since the world began, and this poor excuse for an administration did not have a contract in place to remove excess snow. They instead, paid emergency rates, well, I suppose I should not be surprised, as it ensures the mayor gets more donations for his campaign fund.

    The sad thing is, no matter how much he hurts our town, to raise money for his campaign, he will never be reelected again….

  3. Is Emilio Del Valle part owner? Is this political payback for favorable testimony on the witness stand in Roque’s trial? If not, what will Emilio receive for payment? A public relations contract? More floats in his already corrupted Cuban Parade? The FBI and the people of WNY are watching this one very closely. Side note: Emilio why don’t you visit your daughter the next time you are in WNY? Does she still deny you?

  4. Power Point Electric and Coyoty Builders are one and the same… Look back on old bills and see how much the owner of these two companies has gotten paid previously when the good people of wny were busy paying attention to other wrongdoing. I wonder if this guy is even licensed. some one should check

  5. Because the contractors are political favors and don’t do the job. He is the only one working whether you like it or not it is the truth. He is also in charge of the OEM for wny. Maybe you should look at people who get paid and dont show up first.

    • Uncorruptable,
      I agree with you. I have worked with Lou Cannao. He knows his job, is a hard worker, and has been on the job for our town since DeFino because he knows his job and is a hard worker.

      • You are correct Patrick. The people who go on here and bad mouth the hard workers are those who you see standing on the sidelines with their hands out like they deserve something, but aren’t willing to put any work in and are jealous.

  6. Negative! Nobody deserves an extra $45,000 to drive around and waste gas just to smoke a big cigar. Mayor Defino didn’t even pay his pigeon chaser in front of town hall that much! Someone needs to Audit Mr. Cannao’s overtime. And is Mr. Cannao certified as an OEM? I was told NO!

    Why did Mr. Cannao also give away town Generators to the Administrator and Son Cubano during Super Storm Sandy plus free gas to some out of towner’s at that time?

    Time for real answers!

    • hey steff if your so concerned why don’t you call him up and ask if you can follow him around a day to see what he does exactly…its easy to talk and not take action

  7. well Steff maybe you need to look at who is asking him to do the overtime. If a person is offered the overtime they are going to take it. And as I’ve said before, at least he is around and not hiding at home somewhere in bergen county. Glad you brought up the generators also. The state that this administration has created where people get fired for not doing exactly what they are told even if it is illegal, is what causes a good person to do these things. Why don’t you ask Mr. DeMarco why he asked for the generator, or the mayor why he told him to lend these generators out during this crisis. Surely these to people have the money to purchase their own. Son Cubano is a multimillion dollar restaurant and Mr. DeMarco could have purchased 100 generators with the just the extra legal fees he has charged to the town. It is time you stopped looking at the little fish and started questioning the big boys. Or do you not question the big boys for the same reason Mr. Cannao gave the generator to Mr. Demarco? You are scared of retribution from the Roque clan and rightfully so. They have done nothing for this town except rob it of its resources and dignity.

  8. Your thinking is so foolish. Two thieves are still two thieves. Is it ok for Cannao to steal OT because someone told him it was ok? Is he getting bogus OT for not talking?

    Count Wiley I guess you know these answers. You sign those no show and wasteful pay checks!

  9. Lets ask Louie about the Dead Kittens if we can. Also about the Liberty Bell He knows what happen. So much more he knows and no one asks. Meow Meow

  10. You are still looking at he wrong people. Like I said before in wny now if you dont do exactly as you are told you get fired. Why are you not talking about the 400k in extra billings Gil Garcia charged the town or the 150k charged by Demarco. Isnt Silvio Acosta in charge of the dpw. How many jobs does he have. Come on you people are all foolish if you think lou is the problem here. The FBI isnt in town on a daily basis for him. Roque walks around with that ridiculous smile like a dummy, but he knows what is going on and soon will be gone. They all know it and are trying to get as much as they can in the next year. DO NOT focus on the little people take a look at the big boys and stop wasting everyones time with this bs.

    • “RThank you for posting, Patrick Though this video was made several weeks ago, it is very current news, as the sinister forces in WNY are trying to silence Mr. Rivera. Mayor Roque, you attempt to hire Mr. Rivera as your confidential aide represents perhaps the best action you undertook as Mayor. But indeed, as Mr. Rivera so correctly.points out in this interview with John Heinis, there were “people on the Board of Commissioners” who did not want that to happen. Wiley voted no. Rodriguez was absent, but not by accident. I like Mr. Wiley’s tenacity and his sincerity in most matters, but not in his very false recent past characterizations of Mr. Rivera. What is troubling to me is Mr. Wiley’s embrace ofFormer Mayor Albio Sires’ Chief fund raiser who spent years in prison for mail fraud, Rene Abreu, who, according to reporters Sherman and Margolin in “The Jersey Sting”, is the reason Sires was not arrested in 2002 because Abreu would not reveal all he knew about Sires. You are wrong, Dr. Wiley. Mr. Rivera demonstrated courage, NOT your false characterizations of being a ‘snitch.’ And to Caridad Rodriguez. The mayor could have introduced that motion to make Richard Rivera Confidential Aide to the Mayor on the next meeting that she showed up at, but she would NEVER have voted for Mr. Rivera. Why? Because Mr. Rivera STOOD UP to her political GODFATHER Albio Sires on more than one occassion. I wonder how it feels to Mayor Roque to NOT be his own man? Stand for something, Colonel, or you’ll fall for everything. Don’t let Sires, Sacco, or Acosta manipulate you. You KNOW where that ‘hot handle Vega was dealt’ came from. Stand up for the oath you took as an Army Officer and Mayor and BRING BACK Richard Rivera. Tell the TRUTH abiut the REAL damage Sires and Turner did to this Town. You told me if people did something wrong, they will go to jail. Stand up to the THUGS who put you up to run for Mayor and then USED you.

  11. Its time all the Garbage gets thrown out………………….WNY deserves better than it got all around!