West New York Board of Education special election in January will have 18 candidates

West New York Board of Education special election in January will have 18 candidates for 2 seats. HCTV reveals the names of all 18 certified candidates.


  1. #12-Alcibiades Cifuentes was disqualified for not having enough valid registered signatures.
    #15-Calixto Leon was disqualified for not been a registered voter.
    Jan. 28th election will consist of chosing 1 candidate out of 9 for 1year
    term and 1 candidate out of 6 for 2 years term. So far the candidates with
    highest educational background and experience are Joan Palermo and Matthew
    Cheng, real Concerned Citizens for the betterment of West New York very active expressing ours concern in Town Meetings.
    in our Town Meetings expressing our concern.

    • Mr Barquin stated that Calixto Leon # 15 was disqualified for not being a registered voter. You are misinformed. I have been a West New York registered voter since 1976 My disqualification to this post is due to one of my sponsors who is not a registered voter and I was not permitted to replace her even with any of my family members who are registered voters and are not included in my list of sponsors.

  2. Angel Barquin, who are your sources? Seems like you are just trying to root for some candidates and lambasting others…

  3. Mr. Barquin is a very negative person an never offers any solutions to a better goverment
    or how Town Hall can run better.

  4. Roque is really afraid of Barquin, he even had a body guard on election day and Barquin was not intimidated. If we had more Barquin in town, people like Roque and Acosta would not be able to do everything they are doing.

  5. Angel Barquin is neither an employee of the West New York Board of Education or the City of West New York. We do not endorse or assume any responsibility for any such third-party material.

  6. You are judged by the company you keep.
    Look who this poor excuse for a mayor surrounds himself with:
    1. Wire wearing, illegal apartment owning, money grabbing deputy mayor silvio acosta.
    2. Failed attorney gil gimme 1-million of taxpayer money garcia.
    3. Convicted drug lord manny lets make a deal to steal diaz.

    Guest appearances by: herb I need another contract klitzner, boss sacco and joe I work for the feds muniz.

  7. Joan Palermo is going to be just another puppet. All of her “backings” are from criminals and ex-con… actual convicted criminals. Angel Barquin, does that sound like someone who has no political affiliation? You are dumber than we thought.

  8. It looks like Joan Palermo has a lot of “political money” backing her up. Sounds like another Acosta in the making…

  9. WNY high schooler this convicted criminal from like 20yrs ago came up with the idea,and saw it through and is now a reality,what have you done for WNY…..Memorial Senior this lady will not sellout or be bought she is a prominent attorney and doenst need this for any money,she is doing it because she sees all the wrongs and is trying to make a difference…thats it….

  10. For someone who will not “sell out”, she has already sold out and annoying all the town people with the endless flyers and times square like billboard. She sure has a lot of “money” backing her for someone who isn’t a sell out. Safe to say, she is already a puppet… She will not get the young people’s vote. Me and my friends won’t vote for just another puppet.

  11. Frank, we have not done much, we just 18, not as old as you but we also have not broken any laws, get arrested and cost the tax payers so much money. We think that’s more contribution to the community compared to a fellon. What kind of attorney is Palermo? Was she your lawyer and helped you get out of prison? Is that her payback for getting you out? Do we really want a person that defends convicted criminals? ***shake my head***

  12. Corruption Continues?
    Political Boss Frank Ferreiro. That’s what he wants to be, the Political Boss. He is a full time resident of Sayreville. He himself has stated his address as Sayreville at both WNY Town meetings and WNY BOE meetings. So, why such an intense interest in a town where he does not live? Well…the answer to that is Frank Ferreiro has an agenda. That agenda is to be a political boss in our town of WNY. Ok, so let’s take a look at his Resume.
    • He was arrested for armed robbery of a jewelry store.
    • Internet arguing between Frank Ferreiro and Kevin Borrell accusing each other of doing drugs, and both of them acknowledging that they do use drugs.
    So, as my name states “Corruption Continues”…The town of WNY has been in a corrupt state for many years starting with the Albio “bullshit bully” Series administration then continued and worsened with Sal “the tiny bully/ dictator” Vega and now with Felix “the liar” Roque. Now Frank Ferreiro wants us to continue the corruption with Joan Palermo and Matthew Cheng as his candidates for the school board, with him pulling the strings. I think NOT! Come on WNY…really…WAKE UP!

  13. A bunch of fake people making fake allegations,why dont you post as yourself so your comments may have some credibility.I never knew Joan or Mathew before getting involved in WNY…I do what I do because WNY is my hometown and its my blood,I will always be WNY.Yes I made my mistakes when i was younger but never held up no jewelry store lol never held up anything lol…you fake people make me laugh….You can say all you want about me but your hate is eating you up inside.When you do something to help your town as I have then come talk to me.I got plenty young kids that really helped out so being young is no excuse your old enough to come on here and talk crap bt thats all you do be about it not talk about it…take actions young fake man or woman have at the very least pride in yourself not to hide behind a fake screen name….I personally do not want anything out of this except to better my town,I own my own business and growing it little by little….I do not know how to kiss ass and bendover so i cant become a political boss.Joan has not sold out or will not sell out your talking about an established lady who does not need anything from politics.She has an established career and is only looking to do good for her town.yes jose has spend alot of money on promoting her because he knows she is the best non political candidate and we have spend the little bit of money that we could on her as well because the same reason,we want to see the best qualified candidates get in the boe not the politically controlled puppets….

  14. Frank, are you saying that public records were falsified to say that you held up a jewelry store? Shame shame… Come and move back to West New York if this town is really that important to you. Or is this town just not good enough for you anymore?

  15. LOL once again ill entertain your crap fake person,if you show me my record that states that I will give you anything that I own even my business…lol…its real easy to come on here and make up things under a fake name,stop being suck a phony and a fake and post with your real name.If you want to see my records that is over 20yrs old,I will be more than glad to show it to you and then you can talk with facts not made up stuff…..By the way im in WNY almost every other day,and my actions have already proven that my group and myself are the ONLY ones taking real action in town no one else does anything except campaign to get elected for something…We on the other hand are trying to better our town and make it better and you come on here to bash me because maybe your full of hate and cant live with yourself….Take actions and stop talking so much youll see how much better youll feel and maybe the hate in you will go away a little….

  16. If you post with your real name,I will be more than glad to tell you.i’ll actually go and bring you a print out of my record,how about that…