West New York Brings in FBI to train Police Department


Today December 11th and tomorrow December 12, the West New York Police Department hosted a Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response Course. The course was taught by instructors from the FBI, and was certified by the Department of Homeland Security. The course, which was taught at the Harry L. Bain School, will make sure the police department is prepared if there is any type of breach in the school security. Police Director Bob Antolos also told HCTV that this course would help prepare the department from any situation that may occur involving an active shooter in the town.


  1. Look like the guy sitting by the window is having a hard time fitting in that desk… opps excuse please

  2. Does Wny really need FBI training? Don’t police officers go tru training b4 they r graduates? It just seems like a waste

  3. He’s probably investigating their corrupt ass precinct. They’ve had a history if corruption in there.

    • Hey RETART, first of all the Town Of West New York does not have a “Precinct”, it’s called a Headquarters, stop watching cop shows, Second WTF is “history if corruption”, learn how to write before you make a statement. Your probably one of those guys who carries little plastic handcuffs with little plastic key wishing you were a Police Officer.

  4. No what is happening is the training of all police departments to think in the eye of the Government. Pretty soon states wont run police Home land security will.

  5. While the FBI was here training them the WNYPD was probably being invesigated at the same time by the FBI.