West New York Business Administrator Joseph DeMarco dishes on tax abatements

West New York Business Administrator Joseph DeMarco dishes on tax abatements. Viewers can obtain a better understanding of tax abatements, since they’ve become a hot topic of discussion in West New York.


  1. Joe Demarco has no future in any political ring now. He has stained hands from his involvement in all the scandals and corruption in WNY. Why he threw away his future career as this Roque Admin has less than a year and half left.

  2. Joe you are so full of it,abatements like you mention are for areas where developers do not want to develop like the bad areas of Newark,Irvington,Camden,Trenton….that is why the pilot abatements and the other smaller abatement as you call it where creatred to help development in areas that no one wanted to develop.WNY is a stone throw away from NYC with great NYC city views,mass transit,no huge crimes and no blighted areas so therefore the abatements that you are handing out are favors for those developers that Roque and Gil admitted gave thousands of dollars to Roque’s campaign….Thats called pay to play all of you will probably end up leaving WNY in handcuffs….Fernando why didnt you ask him about the $10,000+ that he admitted this developer getting theses abatements gave to Roque’s campaign.Besides developing blighted areas,abatements where also created for developments that brought in a huge benefit to the town,like a few hundred jobs,affordable housing,section 8 housing or income based housing…Thats what abatements are for not for millionare developers to build condos and make millions without having to pay the taxes that they are suppose to pay.These abatements in WNY are clearly a pay back to these rich developers for donating to the Roque Campaign…I hear the handcuffs jingling….

    • Frank you are right on the money. Abatements for building on the waterfront, that’s comical. the only thing people didn’t want to develop in west New York was a conscience. This entire administration is robbing the people blind, and will leave once there is no more to take.

  3. OFor an eye opener, I encourage all to read “A Programmatic Look at Municipal Tax Abatements” Written by State Comptroller Matthew Boxer in August 2010, this 27 page seminal and scholarly paper explains all that Mr. DeMarco left out. The 4,000+ propert owners currently receiving the long term 30 year tax abatements, known as pilots(payments in lieu of taxes) pay Zero dollars in school taxes, yet their children attend our town public schools for free. When are taxes went up astronomically in 2009, causing Mr. Roque to be voted in,those in the pilot abatements saw their tax bill remain stable! So non-abated properties could have been forfeited to the town for non payment of taxes! In essence, it was the have lesses subsidizing the have mores! Thank you Frank and others foryour spot-on analysis.I know Senator Stack is against long term abatements. Perhaps we can work with him to address the needed reforms in the long term abatement laws as Comptroller Boxer, a Democrat correctly says are in bad need of modification.

  4. I would also add that Republican State Senator Michael Doherty is also against long term abatements. Perhaps Senators Stack and Doherty could be persuaded to lead a bi-partisan legislative coalition to reform these long term abatements

  5. People the joke of a WNY Rec Dept is about to be exposed in a scandal. Seems Ms Frias has something to cover up. I think the FBI will be visiting soon…………..