West New York celebrates the woman who gave you life and love

“Come every year, I really love it,” says West New York resident Ana Pita, of the town’s 
Mother’s Day event.  “I get to see everybody that I don’t get to see all year and we get to dance and try all the good food.”

Alma Zerboni of West New York calls it a pleasure to be a mother.

“It changed my life forever,” Zerboni says, of her six children and 10 grandchildren.  “I’m very glad, I’m very happy with them, I’m very proud.”

“The best part is to see how they grow up — being wonderful kids, very educated and very happy,” says Margarita Zarza of West New York, who has a son and daughter and three grandchildren.

“Una bendición, it’s a blessing,” says Columbia Velasquez of West New York.

“It’s a blessing to have children,” adds the mother of five (three girls and two boys),  grandmother of four and great grandmother of five.

With four boys and two girls, Zerboni knows a thing or two about being a mother and offers this advice…

“Love (your) kids, hug all of them all the time and then talk to them and be close all the time.”

Mayor Roque has great memories of his own mother and says she made him what he is today.

“A mother is the person that brings you into this world, gives you love, gives you joy, gives you 
a purpose,” Roque says.

Happy Mother’s Day!