West New York citizens flood the streets to make their town a cleaner place to live. On Saturday April 19, West New York citizens gathered for the first of many clean up days. Hudson County TV spoke with the organizers of this event, who were very enthusiastic to start this series of community outreach projects. 




    • so I’m not understanding this. Count got volunteers together to clean a park of which he is the Commisioner of and of which he pays people to clean? perhaps he should hire better employees so that it won’t be dirty? also it’s worth mentioning that he said the town has been neglected for many years but for the first 2 years he was directly in charge of keeping the streets clean. finally I will end this comment saying that if you do a noble deed it sort of makes the deed not that noble if the purpose of doing it is to get media attention by making shirts and calling a media source.

  1. What do you people expect Hudson County is a 3rd world county with all these illegals flocking here don’t you notice them walking down Bergenline there SLOBS there eating something & will throw there papers plastic soda bottles on the street & there’s a garbage can right in front of them
    most of them don’t have the brains they were born with if they ever had any in the 1st place..

  2. Sad Lewis Cannao made $125,000 last year as a Parks Dept employee .(A Fact) And is set to repeat that much this year with his $40,000 yearly Overt Time to drive around WNY. ( A Fact)
    While our parks are cleaned by volunteers. Count Wiley knows this and signs Cannao’s checks every 2 weeks for not doing nothing but wasting town gas and who know’s what else??

    The opra documents don’t lie and either does the dirty parks!

    Why Mr Wiley???

  3. Had Wiley done his JOB as the parks commissioner, these parks would have been cleaned in the first place, thus not need volunteers to come and clean them. Count CHUCHI your a joke go back to striping or north bergen either way get the hell out of west new York !

  4. Dirty Parks and Dirty Wiley “Together We Can” .

    Vote out Commissioner Wiley with all of Roque’s Dirty Commissioners May 2015!

  5. If this is not a publicity stunt for your campaign then explain to the public in a letter to the editor and at the next Commissioners meeting why you are asking for volunteers to do the job of people who are already paid and whose responsibility it is to maintain and clean.There is only one answer , they do an insufficient job and it is a publicity stunt. You are asking people to paint Miller Stadium.This is another publicity stunt.Please Count , at the next Commision Meeting explain how the commissioners and the mayor or refraining you from doing your duties as the commissioner of the Parks Department to the point that you are asking people in the public to take time from their lives AWAY from their families to do your job.Even though it is a seemingly good intentioned act. I know better.lately it seems a lot of people are trying to re enact the DeFino administration era.too little too late my friends. Especially from a North Bergen expatriate.it is time for you Mr. Wiley,if you truly want to be part of a future in West New York, to really do the right thing.DO NOT TELL ME YOU KNOW NOTHING BAD OF THIS ADMINISTRATION.Spill da beans already,either you are complicit or unwilling. Either way, you came in with these people you will be leaving with them!