West New York Commissioner Caridad Rodriguez announces run for freeholder

West New York Commissioner Caridad Rodriguez announces run for freeholder. Rodriguez received endorsements from Assembly Speaker/HCDO Chairman Vincent Prieto, State Senator/North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco, West New York Mayor Felix Roque and Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner, among many others.


  1. wow she actually speaks,she says shes been a representative to the people but the only representation she has done has been to the politicians and Roue.This lady should retire as she has done nothing for WNY at all….Go check out our videos you can see the only time she speaks is to give an award out and when WNY has needed her to stand up and speak she has been mum….To senator Sacoo,Assemblyman Prieto and you other distinguished gentlemen when you jump on a ship that is full of shit you will come out of their stinking like it….If you dont want to endorse Munoz fine but why not pick a good candidate to endorse instead of a puppet,dumb question i guess….

    • Sacco, Prieto, and Roque are all garbage. They only care about making money and keeping power. When you get in bed with a corrupt politician like Roque you show that you too are corrupt.

    • the person signing their name as Frank, and maybe the others going against Caridad Rodriguez and those in the HDCO, write very similar to good old Jose Muñoz. Muñoz is desperate and will go to any lengths to defame anyone who is a threat to his weakened position. Its public knowledge, and court records that Muñoz will go as far as to where a wire as a desperate attempt to keep the position he has as Freeholder he is obviously so inept and unqualified to hold. This is someone who has switched parties, alliances, his own word, uses sneaky underhanded means, betray the trust of anyone especially via questionable actions, etc…. Just to keep his job. He has the nerve to call other politicians and underhanded when he himself eclipses all of them. He even eclipses the main person he accuses of such actions. It seems you should go to UCEDA on Bergenline before continue calling yourself a public servant.

      • Gary I stopped coming because no one goes anymore. Are other people going to show up? Love to give Sacco hell, but we need more people.

        • Mike it is an 8PM meeting this wed—so turn off the TMFTV & come! ;)
          It is way past Nick & the other comish’s bedtimes so if they can stay up that late so can U!
          & sit up front w/me—We can make faces @ Herb K & oogle Ms Barillos :)

  2. “To sin by silence when we should protest
    makes cowards out of men”
    Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    At first blush it looks like the deck is stacked against Freeholder Muñoz. Most, if not all of the HCDO have endorsed his opponent. Is their endorsement of Mrs Rodriguez on the issues? Did any of the speaker clearly state what the issues are? Did any speaker mention Freeholder Chaimen Muñoz or why they thought he should not be re-elected?. No, thed did not. This is typical Hudson County politics as usual. This time, though, the machine has chinks in its armor of its own doing. Why is a Republican in this video love fest? Commissioner Ruben Vargas is a registered republican. He is registered to vote at a two family burned out shell of a structure that suffered a three alarm fire on 11/30/11 that was reported as “deemed suspicious” by John Heinis, then of The Jersey Journal. His wife was cited for multiple violations incuding illegal resudentual conversion and renting illegal apts., yet the Mayor who endorses Ms. Rodruguez gad him appointed the the lical fire dept. executive board. While publicly supporting Mayor Roques County Committe candidates in 2012, Commussioner Vargas ran as a republican committeman and won. He also ran as a delegate for Mitt Romney. Are you aware of this, mayor Sacco? Aren’t you the one who got then HCDO chair Mark Smith of Bayonne to remove Roque’s county committe candidates from the ticket for his endorsement of Senator Menendez’s republican challenger? What should you say to Republican Ruben Vargas now? Why are you ditching Jose Munoz? Is it because you can’t control an honest man who has the courage to stand up to the corrupt hacking of his computer? Assembly Speaker Prieto. Why was your son given a job by the Town of WNY? Is there any conflict of interest here? Mrs. Rodriguez, how many WNY and Weehawken jobs did or does your husband hold concurrently? You spoke very highly of.your former boss, Mayor Sires, and former WNY Town Administrator and current Weehawken Mayor Turner. Could you asg each of them why they did not apparently reduce the 100 million dollar debt of the old WNYMUA before selling the debt to third party lienholders and leaving WNY on the hook for that debt? In all the times that team Sires/Turner were pushing hard for 4,000 plus 30 yearabatements on our waterfront that pay NOschool tax and minimal county tax, did you ever muster the intellectual curiousity or moral courage to find oyt all you could on the subject and ask tough questions before you let them give away the store?. Ask Turner why he did not grant nearly as many abatements in his own town, but had no problem with them for our town. Will you read up on the subject of tax abatements, Mrs. Rodriguez, or does your loyalty to Sires as your former boss and to Turner as your husband’s boss trump your loyalty to the non-tax-abated property owners who got hosed in 2009 because of years of budget gimmiicks by Sires/Turner in WNY? According to “All that Glitters

  3. According to “All that Glitters isn’t Gold: Prpierty Tax abatements in Jersey City”, which you can google, North Bergen, (your home town, Mayor Sacco) and Secaucus (your home town Assembly Speaker Prieto) sued Jersey City over its abatement practices that short- changed North Bergen, Secaucus and two other county municipalities that joined the suit, by making them have to pay for the share the Jersey City was not paying to the County, due to its extensive abatements. Your towns won that suit, Misters Sacco and Prieto. Now that our memories are refreshed What will any and all of you say about the points I have raised?

  4. Pili no it does not mean one I endorse,it could have been any honest,civil servant with some credentials for the job.caridad has been mum in out community,she has been part of the problem and she has stood by the garbage holding her nose but never speaking of the smell.Its a shame that the HCDO,Sacco,Prieto and everyone else would join forces with Roque.If they dont like Munoz fine so be it but no need to align themselves with Roque and this disgusting,inept administration some may come out of this with their hands needing to be sanitized.

  5. The little engine that could is about to go head first into a wall. No matter how much you write you spend literally won’t matter no steam engine is ever beating the hudson democratic machine. You have a better chance at winning the lotto and as for pat all those questions here’s an answer even if Munoz ran and won he would go to bed with Sacco and Prieto in a heartbeat so would frank and any other minion that would say different look what happened to roque when he didn’t want to fall in line at first he found religion real fast and that’s the TRUTH

  6. any administration has to work with its state senator and assembly person but as long as the relationship is for the benefit of the residents and not your own.Any administration that wins next election has to work with sacco and prieto as well as with the freeholder of the area and county officials but once again as long as this relationship is for the benefit of the town and not selling out your town.Being in bed with and working with are two totally separate things wnytruth and im sorry but im no sell out,i’m not doing this for money or any job.just trying to bring real changes to a town that i love,open your eyes…

  7. Emilio Del Valle lied to The FBI and jury during Choque Roques trial. Not only did Emilio change his testimony after Mayor Nick Sacco and his subordinates promise him a seat at the table but he is now a full blown Roque supporter. Shortly The U.S.Attorney will indict Emilio for lying to federal agents in exchange for payment (20k part-time job in WNY).

  8. Caridad Rodriguez needs to be asked the real questions now. She must not be able to avoid them any longer. Either way Caridad Rodriguez is a POS! Dont Vote For Caridad Rodriguez people!

  9. Wow Never seen so many liars and crooks at one press conference. What I found the most interesting was the fact that Emilio Del Valle was standing in for the Sheriff. This is the same Emilio Del Valle who testified against Roque at Roque’s recent criminal trial. Know Del Valle is openly supporting Roque’s handpicked candidate for freeholder. Has to make you wonder what kind of deals were made and how truthful Del Valle’s testimony was? Time for the FBI to read the transcripts of Emilio’s testimony and than pay him a visit.

    • Is this the same Joe Blaettler who had his office within Brian Stack’s office? Is this the same Joe Blaettler who endorsed Brian Stack over Rudy Garcia? Is this the same Joe Blaettler who sold fundraiser tickets in the police dept. for Brian Stack? Is this the same Joe Blaettler who padded his salary so he could retire with a six figure pension at UC taxpayer’s expense? You can’t intimidate everyone Joe. I am a hard working, law biding citizen who has nothing to fear from a creep like you. Joe I am not afraid of you and have taken on much bigger fish than yourself. In fact, I would like to have a face to face meeting with you to have an honest debate about ethics.

  10. Kevin, I also noticed what Roque said. We know what he cares about!

    Patrick, great post. I hope you keep getting the word out. People need to know just how phony and dirty these people are. Roque is a petty, vindictive little dictator who is so power crazed that he has lost all sight of decency and of right and wrong — if he ever had any. All he cares about is being in control.

    It is really killing him that Munoz supported two QUALIFIED candidates for the school board and that they won. He simply won’t stand for having qualified, independent, honest people in any positions of influence in this town. So now this is his payback.

    And he’s calling in his favors – Sires now has a school named for him and Prieto’s son has a job with the town, so of course they’re all on board. What a slimy bunch of losers to be bought so cheaply. I’m surprised the windows didn’t fog up with all that hot air in the room during the press conference. LOL.

    And they can sing Caridad’s praises all they like but she’s just part of Roque’s corruption. Like Frias and Vargas, her only service as commissioner has been to support Roque and his dictatorship, and she will do the same as Freeholder. Who needs her?

    Voters of WNY – show the courage and smarts you showed in November and January. Vote for what’s right, and who’s right. Tell Caridad to retire and play with her grandkids, like she wanted to do. We don’t need her as freeholder.

    • Nice! say hi to me @ the next meeting…U, me, Frank, Pat & Jose maybe we cud have a little teat A teat ;) I’m the beardy derelict looking guy!!!

  11. Is this The same Joe Blaettler who had his office within Brian stack’s office?
    Is this the same Joe Blaettler who endorsed Brian stack over Rudy Garcia only to suffer sour grapes later for not being made chief?
    Is this the same Joe Blaettler who sold fundraiser tickets in the Police Dept. for Brian stack?
    Is this The same Joe Blaettler who padded his salary so he could retire on a six-figure pension at Union City’s taxpayers expense?
    You can’t intimidate everyone Joe. I am a hard working, law biding citizen who has nothing to fear from a creep Like you. Joe, I am not afraid of you and have taken on much bigger fish than yourself.. In fact, I would like to have a face to face meeting with you so we can have an honest debate about ethics.

    P.S. I am very proud of the work I do for the sheriff and unlike yourself he is a true lawman.

  12. Emilio you are crook! Brian Stack help you and you sell him out for dimes… Didn’t you call Sacco an anti-hispanic back in 2007? You are a scum!

  13. Hey Uncle Fester, Are you talking about the same Frank Schilliari who hangs out with mobsters?

    In 2005 Undersheriff Schillari was caught on a wire worn by an FBI informant in a conversation with a reputed mob figure in 2004 at a Hoboken social club. The names of a half-dozen sheriff’s officers came up in the conversation.” Why would a” true lawmen” be giving up the names of his co-workers to mobsters? Emilio everyone knows you nothing but Sacco’s lapdog and your paid by taxpayers to carry out Sacco’s dirty work. Just like you were used to attack Stack with that bogus Union City Concerned Citizens Group. What happen your no longer concerned about Union City?

    • Frank A we agree with you a 100% especially about Emilio he is a phony as they come we are of Cuban decent & he DOES NOT represent us the Cuban people just ask around…

      • Juan, The only time Emilio is a Cuban is when the Cuban Day Parade rolls around and he can make some money. The rest of the year is just a piece of trash

  14. Hey Emilio you still selling Forexmarco to all your friends and family. When are we getting our money back Emilio? Or maybe you gave all our money to Sacco. Emilio your a liar and a cheat.

  15. The only Cuban this self-serving piece of dung represents is himself. Emilio is a terrible human being just ask his many battered and bruised ex-wives. His children hate him, his ex-wives hate him and he has no friends. He is nothing more than a greedy con-artist who will use any means possible to make money.

    “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

  16. Emilio, you are a sell out to the Cuban people. First you were up Rudy’s ass, then Stack’s now Sacco and Roque. You are a traitor who will sell you soul for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.