The controversy surrounding an ordinance introduced in West New York Wednesday night involving how vehicles and businesses are allowed to display signs has led to national media coverage.

Commissioner Wiley has two scheduled appearances on the FOX network tonight. The segments will air on the local FOX 5 news at 6 p.m., as well as with Greta Van Susteren “On the Record” show at 10 p.m. His interview with Van Susteren will be done live from FOX studios.

“I’m glad this ordinance has drawn the attention that it did. Whenever you’re dealing with an issue affecting first amendment rights, it’s going to be big news. This is going to open up a lot of people’s eyes,” Wiley told Hudson County TV.

Yesterday, West New York spokesman Pablo Fonseca told Hudson County TV that there had been several “misinterpretations” of the ordinance and that something as simple as hanging an American flag from your front door would not be prohibited.

Fonseca also stated that the ordinance was about “quality of life” and had nothing to do with politics, shooting down the viewpoint that the ordinance was introduced to target Frank Ferreiro’s TV on Wheels, which has been airing anti-Roque news clips as the van traveled around town the past week or so.

A source told Hudson County TV that Mayor Felix Roque will also speak to FOX news about the matter Friday, though that could not be confirmed with the mayor or his office late Friday afternoon.

Check back to Hudson County TV shortly for our interview with local town officials and activists regarding this now infamous proposed ordinance in West New York.


  1. Thanks to the RESIDENTS FOR A BETTER WNY for starting this action. Mr Wiley is jumping on this ban wagon thats good BUT he will not be able to take credit for this..IF he is for REAL he will make it a point to THANK the RESIDENTS FOR A BETTER WEST NEW YORK for making this happen. If he does not give Credit where CREDIT is due..will be a BIG MISTAKE!

  2. Definetly thanks to the Residents For A Better WNY, however Wiley is
    a commissioner and he was the only one to vote NO!
    This is un-american and two years ago that video-on -wheels-truck
    was being rented by Mayor Roque.
    Residents Of WNY PROTEST to ask Roque to resign now before
    he destroys the town

  3. What’s the matter with Sacco he has taken the town of nb from yrs of nothing to a great town. Stable tax, all should be as good as mayor Sacco.

  4. The town is a shithole now….I can tell by your comment that you do not own a home here….taxes are not stable and never have been. He is a drunken perverted woman abuser. He gives Walmart a multi billion $ co a 30 year Tax abatement do you know who foots that bill? The residents of Nort Bergen! DO NOT MAKE COMMENTS YOU CAN’T BACK UP!

  5. You obviously do not own a home in NB..taxes are not stable…he gave Walmart (and other businesses) a multi billion $ co a 30 year tax abatement and do you know who foots the bill? The taxpayers of NB! So go crawl back up $acco’s ass b4 u lose your $20k job. And BTW the town has turned into a shithole has taken office!

  6. I find it odd that HcTV removes my links to YouTube about $acco but they have no problem sending email links of other news organizations articles about Mayor Stack. Hmmmmmm?

    Answer me that!

    • Please read the disclaimer below. You are welcome to add links of videos that are on the news, but if the video is not in any news article then we will remove it. We hope you understand.

  7. That is BS. Why do you send emails with links to other news competetors when it is negatively reporting on Mayor Stack? Now we are not allowed to post the truth about your boss Sen/mayor/asst sup $ucco!


  8. How does this zig-zag into Sacco or Stack, when this is about
    the flag and sign issue.
    You people should all go to: Angermanagement.com