West New York Commissioner FiorD’ Aliza Frias confirms FBI was in West New York on Monday. Frias confirmed Hudson County TV’s story from Monday when resident Angel Barquin asked her if the rumors were true or not, though she added she did not know any details of what the investigation entailed.


  1. Wonder why Federales are setting up camp in WNY? Roque, Silvio Acosta, Joe Muniz, Herb Klitzner, Sacco, Manny Diaz and the list goes on and on. Need we say more?

  2. Oh boy what a surprise! Roque is a crook at heart, just visit his medical office and open one of his bills. This Dr. Crook bills you for services that are never provided. He is running this town into the gutter and thinks it is his personal piggy bank to plunder. Criminal attorneys? He is going to need plenty of them by the looks of things.

    Do you really think The Federales (FBI) are investing more resources into WNY for no reason? Roque you are done! Roque…did you really think supporting Menendez and naming a school after him was going to end your legal troubles and give your administration a license to steal?