West New York donates ambulance to La Vega, Dominican Republic

Commissioner Margarita Guzman went to the Dominican Republic with Dr. Roque the first time and it made a lasting impact on her.

“I’m so proud and happy that we finally got the ambulance to donate to my country,” Guzman says.

The mayor’s humanitarian efforts brought this about… by going to countries where there was great deprivation, especially medical care, according to Commissioner Susan Colacurcio.

Many years ago, the mayor says he got into a motor vehicle accident in the Dominican Republic and there was no ambulance in sight.

“Now with this ambulance we are going to be able to save a lot of lives in the Dominican Republic,” Roque says.

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How about using my tax money to fix the disgraced street in the town.

Y por qué no donan a Venezuela, si esto es una mafia unión city nombra todo de cuba o dominicano y west new York Dona ambulancias.

Its pandering, they don’t go to the greatest need, it goes to the most votes.

Is this a roundabout way to send U.S. foreign aid to the DR, without going through the Trump Administration? Just bookmark this the next time WNY claims it “doesn’t have the money” for something, anything.

Like more cops.

Mas bien por que no arregla su pueblo que bastante que lo nesecita.

The town is in debt and we donating

Its a beat old piece of shit..basically dumping trash, and trying to look like a hero .

Hey..maybe it will be used as a REAL ambulance down there, ambulances around Hudson County are mostly taxi service to the ER which is used as a doctors office.

Hard to believe folks can’t recognize such obvious pandering, Rudy Garcia did this years ago in Union City , it was as transparently pandering then as this is now . Hopefully DR can get some use of the ambulance.

Why does he always donate things to other countries & and not his own town smh ‍♂️

Debería de empezar por hacer algo por West New York y dejarse de ridiculeces el huevon éste del alcalde

Ya ahora por qué no me explican por qué las escuelas no tienen nombre de poetas de centro América o sur América o personas importantes en la historia de otros países, pero si no son 70 % cubanos o dominicanos no tenemos otros nombres, la política siempre son mafias de estos países y los alcaldes son solo la cara de los que están detrás.

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