West New York elected officials called out for hiring son of Assemblyman Vincent Prieto

West New York elected officials called out for hiring son of Assemblyman Vincent Prieto. Frank Ferreiro, the leader of the Residents For a Better West New York, alleged Prieto’s son and daughter were hired by the town during a hiring freeze. An OPRA request revealed that Prieto’s son, Vincent Andrew, was indeed hired last month.


  1. The usual cop out from Roque and Garcia: “It’s a personnel matter and we can’t discuss it”. Baloney. They don’t want to discuss their own corrupt practices and flouting of the law. We got the same answer a few months ago when we questioned the hiring of Roque’s son’s girlfriend as “Recreation Director” at a salary of $61,000. She lives in Staten Island. The job was not even advertised so that residents of West New York could apply.
    This is a mayor who cares about the people of this town??
    This administration is disgusting. And the town attorney is worse. They are so corrupt it’s a wonder they don’t decompose.

  2. Prieto’s son got hired in the parks department as a supervisor basically to be a snitch. but he didn’t want to do that because everybody there knew who he was. so he got put to work with the other guys. all of a sudden one day silvio acosta brought him into his office saying he no longer has to do work because he is a supervisor. To anyone from town watching this do your worst. im just stating the facts that no one wants to admit.

  3. This has nothing to do with what went on under Vega. He is history, and two wrongs don’t make a right.
    We have to deal with the corruption of the current administration. Are we supposed to just accept it because it has happened in the past?
    It has to stop and if people would deal with it instead of just accepting it because it has been this way in the past, maybe we will make some progress toward ousting these unprincipled crooks.