West New York grieves for hit-and-run victim taken too soon

“Very sad ‘cause she’s in the same class that I used be in first grade,” says nine-year-old Genesis, Sheyla Pichardo’s schoolmate.

“When I came out of school and discovered it (her death), I came crying here.”

Everyone is feeling the weight of the heartbreak.

“It’s very tragic for me to think of the little girl,” says West New York resident, Marta Taborda through a translator. “The other cars, people are driving need to be more careful.”

Violence can cause great reflection.

“It was very scary for her and her mom but I think she’s with G-d now and G-d is gonna protect her,” says 10-year-old Jefferson, another Sheyla schoolmate.

When it comes to the suspect, he says the police need to teach Fabian Rodriguez Calles a lesson.

“About not to kill kids with a car,” Jefferson says.

Ivan witnessed the traumatic incident.

“I couldn’t do anything,” says the 11-year-old, another Sheyla schoolmate. “I saw her right on the ground.

“It’s dangerous what happened. It was really sad. I feel bad for the parents.”

The coldblooded actions of one man hit home.

“Really, really hurtful, not just for the parents. I can just imagine how they are at this moment,” says West New York resident, Jessica Merino.  “I mean, I’m a mother and I could just be put in their shoes.

“I think it’s really, really, really sad ‘cause she was just a little girl. She was just beginning to live life.”