“My favorite thing to do because it’s tough to shred at home and it’s easier to just do it in bulk and I’m glad they offer this opportunity,” says Laxmi Hariharan of Secaucus.

Hudson County Improvement Authority and the town of West New York provide 
this necessary resource to help safeguard and protect your personal information and credit.

“It promotes clean communities and it brings awareness to a huge issue that is sometimes overlooked and that’s identity theft,” says Commissioner Gabriel Rodriguez.

Many people, even doctors get rid of files by just throwing them in the garbage 
and the garbage is not a secure place.

“Proper disposal of medical records and information that has critical files I encourage it a lot,” says Mayor Felix Roque.

Christine Grant has been holding onto her stuff for a couple of years

“When I saw the advertisement I said I have to,” the West New York resident says.  “I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.”

According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft is the top consumer complaint — affecting 15 million Americans.

“So to provide a service that does this shows them the proper way to remove their documents and does it for free is a home run,” Rodriguez says.