West New York honors International Tai-Chi Day. Residents came to the Middle School to enjoy the discipline and interact during a healthy morning. 




  1. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves the way news coverage has gone recently. This is a complete joke of a story, and sadly, it’s not even the worst one in the past month. I remember when HCTV was a good source of news

  2. This is a good program to enhance the student’s exercise regimen. May the safety and well being of students from Jugando Apprendemos Pre School, 6201 Park Avenue, WNY, which is only 50 feet from a proposed 7/11 convenience store with parking lot that would violate WNY Code Zoning 414:15J(1) also be on Commissioner Frias’ mind on 5/7/14@6:30 p.m.@428 60th St WNY, when she sits on Planning Board to determine if the desire of a major corporation to build an unsafe parking lot for its store should trump the safety of nearby school children and the community at large for which she, the planning board, and the WNY Board of Commissioners are supposed to serve.