West New York Issues Press Release on Mario Blanch Hiring

Below is a copy of the press release sent out by the town of West New York regarding Mario Blanch’s appointment as their new Assistant Town Attorney.

“I had the option to join a big corporate law firm after graduating law school,” West New York attorney and North Bergen native Mario M. Blanch, Esquire explained, “But I didn’t want that. I wanted to help people. More specifically, I wanted to help my own community.”

Blanch was hired as West New York’s Assistant Town Attorney on February 25, 2013, which is both an honor and a natural transition for him, he says, as he has had his own general law practice in the town since 2004.

Blanch hails from a social worker father and a school principal mother, both of whom taught him the importance of honesty and giving back to the community.

After graduating from North Bergen High School in 1995, Blanch earned his Bachelor’s in Economics and Finance from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J. in 1999. He then decided the best way to honor his parents’ example was to pursue a career in law.

Blanch graduated from Seton Hall Law School in 2002 with a Juris Doctorate and clerked for the Honorable Marguerite Simon, Presiding Judge of the Chancery division where he assisted the court with complex business litigation, estate matters, and intellectual property disputes.

He then opened his own practice in West New York.

“As a kid, I played a lot of sports, so I always had a lot of friends in West New York,” Blanch recalled. “I found the people here to be extraordinarily welcoming and the community is very strong. It was simply a natural fit for my practice.”

As for his new position working directly for the town, Blanch says he is enthusiastic to try and make a difference and to bring new and fresh ideas to the table within the context of municipal government – for instance, reworking old ordinances and working directly with the community to assess the needs of the public and relay those needs to elected government officials.

“I’ve known Dr. Roque for many years, and he’s always been a strong, honest force in the community as an activist,” Blanch continued. “I think the doctor’s ideology is similar to my own in that I’ve fought hard to create an open and honest government in North Bergen with my legal work, and the mayor is trying to do the same.”


  1. “Open honest government” are you kidding Blanch the guy is under indictment. Blanch has shown his true colors, it is all about the money. What happen Mario Whinestein cut you off.

  2. Maybe Mario will hire Eric Dixon over at his firm since he’s
    going to be busy now.

    MARIO how are you going to work all these jobs now?????

  3. You folks are clueless – It’s not about the money – It’s about keeping Wiley at bay. Roque may be an indicted mayor, but he’s not stupid.

  4. You really think an idiot like Blanch is going to keep a wild man like Wiley at bay? The Count is going to eat him alive. Next time your walking though WNY and think you stepped in dog shit. think again. It is going to be Mario Blanch all eaten up and spit out by my man the Count.

  5. Blanch is a wet blanket.

    He’s just some cuban shmuck that Roque hired to keep it “all in the family.”

    Garcia and Blanch = Dumb and Dumber

  6. WOW still hoping for intelligent opinions from you people, who ever you are.
    You use fake names & bully, call people names, say really offensive things.

    Do you know ANYTHING that is going on in our towns, county, or State? ISSUES?

    Doubt it by everything you write. PLEASE try a positive attitude stop trying to spread the Hate.

  7. Janice, this is not about hate but about common sense isn’t this the
    same Mario Blanch that criticizes Mayor Sacco about his jobs, then
    goes ahead and takes one himself.
    Would you let Blanch or Eric Dixon represent you??

  8. Janice,

    Let me refresh your memory:

    When Hudson County TV fist broke the story of Raymond Mitchell accusing Brian Stack of choking him at a holiday party, the first two comments on this board were:

    Pants On Fire says:

    December 19, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    This man has a long criminal history and is a felon. Please check your sources. Nice try Nick!

    Janice Zorovich says:

    December 19, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    Agree with pants on fire!

    . Gary Pollack spends his time, defending Brian Stack, and continues to accuse Raymond Mitchell of being a liar and an embarassment to Secaucus. Pollack is no choir boy. And he deserves to be called out on his shennanighans.

    As for Mario Blanch joining the Dark Side. The man is clearly a sell out. Seems like you’re mum on the whole thing because you don’t know how to balance your loyalties to NBCCG and what you know to be true: That Mayor Roque is a little tyrant in the making.

    You’ve been drinking the Larry WHINESTEIN Kool-Aid far too long and can no longer see things as they really are.

    I honestly feel sorry for Gary the putz. I’ll leave him alone since he’s harmless and largely self-defeating.

    You may now proceed to provide your insights on the Mario Blanch and Comrade Roque pairing, without any further distractions or delay.

    Janice, please enlighten us, the unwashed masses, on the issues.

    • WE don’t have choir boys! How ’bout a cantor!!!
      Brian will tell U I have openly disagreed w/him @ THMs…On Issues!!!
      My opinion about Brian is that he is dedicated to achieving great things in UC! If he keeps up the good woik I think he shud be running against Christie; instead of people talking about him endorsing him!

  9. U City Strangler, Gary Pollack and Janice, who would you guys
    hire as your Attorney? Blanch or Eric Dixon