West New York man arrested after setting apartment fire


A drunken man who was kicked out of his 59th Street apartment building was arrested for setting it on fire.

On January 10, West New York Police arrived at 440 59th Street to find the stairwell and second floor engulfed in flames.

North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue arrived and took over the scene while all police units protected the perimeter.

Police identified first floor residents, including: Martin Cantero, 48; Jessica Cantero, 37; G. Cantero and F. Cantero.

Basement residents included Diana Rendon, Ivan Perez, Israel Casales and Uriel Casales.

At the time of the report, no second floor residents were identified.

According to police, there were no injuries.

Witnesses positively ID’d Milton Ruiz as the arsonist and police found a baby blue lighter in his right vest pocket.

As they filled out the Immigration Alien Inquiry form during processing, police say they learned the 28-year-old’s name was actually Jose Chitic.

Chitic, aka Ruiz was charged with aggravated arson and other offenses.

Mayor Felix Roque was at the scene and says he sends his thanks to the firemen, policemen and Red Cross for their bravery and outstanding service.