West New York Man Arrested On Marijuana Charges


WEST NEW YORK – On February 5, 2015, at around 9:40 p.m. police responded to report of a man suspiciously handing a package to someone in a silver Honda on 56th St. in West New York, officials said.

When police arrived they observed a silver Honda parked and approached the vehicle. Cynthia Vasquez of Guttenberg was in the driver seat of the vehicle, which was emitting a strong marijuana odor. Also in the vehicle were Fernando Valdez and Chris Fernandez of West New York and one other unknown male, presumably an underage male.

Upon being searched, police allegedly found marijuana in the pocket of Fernando A. Valdez, 18, of West New York.

Valdez was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana under 50 grams, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school, possession of marijuana within 500 feet of a public park, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

 “I would like to congratulate the West New York Police Department for there outstanding work we have zero tolerance for drug dealing around our schools,” stated Mayor Roque.




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  1. Anthony, this is Fernando Uribe and your comment got my attention. Thus, I felt the need to respond. Here at HCTV, we are simply reporting the news we uncover. If you’re interested in another aspect of this topic, then enlighten us. Otherwise, aside from this being nothing more than a rant, what am I to take from this? Thanks.

  2. It is the year 2015 and we are still arresting people for small amounts of pot? For real? Come on sheeple evolve already.

  3. The country is moving in a direction toward decriminalizing low level drug arrest like these. What stands out to me is that the arrest and potential criminal record this young man might face will have more of a negative effect on his life than the pot smoking. Additionally, zero tolerance rules and laws have historically taken away discretion and fair penalties. It was. 9 40pm, I’m pretty sure the parks and schools were closed but now this kid might face some harsher charges.

  4. Here! Here! Steven Campos
    This young man’s future hangs in the balance due to one poor decision? Unfair!

  5. Why does anybody need to see a mug shot of an 18 year old who just copped some weed? What is the public service here? How is he charged with attempt to distribute? how much time is he facing for all of these charges for buying a small amount of weed? Maybe ask these questions and include that in future reporting.

  6. Really ??? As a taxpayer, I’d like to lock up more pedophiles, animal abusers, child beaters….etc! Freaking FREE THE POT HEADS/&POT DEALERS!! & I don’t even smoke….anymore!

  7. Why make such a big deal outta this and try and mess up this kids future for buying some weed ? There’s a lot more to worry about then any little marijuana. Months ago you guys captured people with pounds and cocaine and a lot more and wouldn’t put up any pictures of them or names now this kid instead still young in highschool you go and put this out like if it was a murder or something ? You guys are horrible especially you mayor your a disgrace to the community how can you be so dumb and put this out when the kid still in highschool ? I hope everybody can see what I’m trying to prove

  8. IM so ashamed of hudson county police and west.new york police for that matter I mean come on whoever is proud of this arrest is clearly forgetting that the ciminals the sex offenders the murders the.cocaine and other.higher substance drug dealers are still out there I know hudson county TV is super proud to post this article.but let me just say this is complete.bullshit when did pot ever.kill anyone.much less.press charges.on an 18 year.old for having what has this world come to its.time for the.law enforcement in this county to start.doing there jobs and stop hyping up marijuana arrest like if its such ahuge crime am ashamed.of the law enforcement.in hudson county to say the.least catch thereal criminals

  9. I agree with most people on here. In reality there are bigger and more troublesome problems then some kid who wants to feel good. Last summer I was arrested for smoking pot in my car in the union city parking garage and I only had .28 grams. What that really is for some of you who don’t know it’s a half a dime bag. They arrested me and now I have probation and have to pay a hefty fine. Yea marijuana is a drug so what? Most hospitals in the US are using it as medical treatment to help ease pain for some patients. I just find it ridiculous how you have all these cops that granted are doing a great job but over exaggerate on weed when there could be something more dangerous going on around the area. But it’s not going to change cause Christie isn’t going to legalize it so I guess we have to continue hiding from the cops and risking getting caught and ruining the rest of our lives for something small and practically harmless.

  10. Wny are over bored … The last time I was arrested by them bums they took me in for one bag of marijuana after I told them where it was …they took my pay from the job I was working at the time and did not report a dollar of it … And were too broke too finger print me there so they took me too Union city … After 9 hours no drink , no food , no 1 phone call .. I shouldn’t of been arrested only ticked and let go … Says judge venable of jersey city …. They’re bums … Which is why there arresting for stupid s#it …. Senseless things they can find marijuana but the ms13s selling crack and dope NO ONE knows where there at right ? But the weed cops know … Smh WNY POLICE , NORTH BERGEN POLICE , UNION CITY POLICE are a disgrace too the badge …. Just quit and become gym teachers already

  11. The problem is we are sending kids mixed messages, legalizing in some states, against federal law, the past 3 Presidents admitting to smoking, media glamorizing it but a young person can screw up their life if caught and charged. This poor kid is probably humiliated and legally up poops creek.

  12. So they lock him up for some weed let that young boy go Hudson county like to mess up ppl life over some weed

  13. technically someone ratted him or them out, otherwise the W.N.Y police wouldn’t have known shit as usual if not for who ever noticed the dealings going down… stay classy W.N.Y

  14. This is totally unfair. I’ve seen people beaten to death around here. Really marijuana? You guys should be ashamed of yourself on wasting time on some useless drugs while some women are being abused and sexually raped.. Etc. Thanks to our “Mayor” who hasn’t even done anything to help our community. I can name you thousands of people who smoke marijuana. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME ON PETTY CRIMES AND CATCH SOME REAL CRIMINALS.

  15. So, yeah what a change this county will have with this 18 year old off the streets, oh yeah I feel so much safer note that he got busted for probably a 0.5 gram bag of weed. So what was he going to do with it, yeah smoke it and probably go to bed. Yeah it’s not like he did ecstasy and in danger of killing himself considering it is all chemically based, but yeah… so much safer with this guy off the streets, yeah he was going to smoke and sleep. When we have killers, and rapists around nah focus on some pot head that was around a school and park that was probably closed with no kids because yeah you don’t see no 5 year old out at that time.

  16. Dr Hudson County TV

    as a reader I am disappointed in you that you portray these people and nothing more than common criminals because they ignored dracnoin antiqudated laws that are no longer applicable to relevant society..

    people people who use drugs are not criminals despite what you been brainwashed to believe never have freedoms been gained without some pre people willing to stand up and fight oppression.
    clearly the public supports the use decriminalization and legalization of marijuana for personal use you’d be wise to recognize that before you plaster peoples faces all over your questionable website

    • Dear Mr Reid. Thank you for your comments. At HCTV some of us support the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana as well. It is a shame what happens to many people of being arrested for “crimes” such as this, however, there are two ways to look at this story. The first one is to look at what type of crime the police is focusing on and the second is to look at what government is still considering a crime. Perhaps if many people believe on the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana then they should vote for someone who supports that idea and perhaps they can change these laws. This story is about awareness of what is still the reality. It is up to the readers to decide how to proceed with their government.