West New York Man arrested on Multiple Narcotics Charges after a month's investigation

Brian Sayour WNYPD Narc Dept and TPF Arrest March 2016

West New York, NJ – March 4, 2016. Units from the West New York Narcotics and Tactical Patrol Force executed a search warrant conducted at 128A – 65th street, West New York. After a one month investigation, 28 year old Brian Sayour was arrested on the evening of Wednesday, March 2nd, at approximately 8PM.

Sayour was charged with several offenses including possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance within a school zone, within 500 feet of Public Housing and possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine. He was additionally charged with possession of Marijuana with intent to distribute in a school zone also with intent to distribute 500 feet from Public Housing. Moreover, Sayour was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and a violation of a West New York court order. The man in question is currently in custody with a cash only bail set at $50K in the Hudson County jail.

Mayor Felix E. Roque, MD compliments the work of the West New York Police Department. A citizen reported this information right to the Mayor and he proceeded to render the details to Director of the WNYPD, Robert Antolos. As stated by Mayor Roque, “Just another example of the great Police Department we have right here in Town.” He continues to urge the public to report questionable incidents to the Police or Town officials.


  1. West New Yorkers are being asked to be snitches and work with the WNYPD. So the public is urged to work with the town but when will the town begin to work with the public? When will we see less corruption and less sense of empowerment? When will we see officers being righteous with those who do right? When will we see all fairness? So far they aren’t abbying by the laws they oathed to protect. Instead they use the shield to break the first rule; that which forbids the officer to use his gain of power for personal reasons. Maybe when that happens, maybe then we can work as a community.

  2. Yes great police department these kids try to intimidate the youth with their badge instead of guiding them stop using your badge for power and do your job how about the two heroine overdose deaths that happened the same day last week two different people it didn’t even go on the news how about that half the middle school and almost most of the high school is on drugs as far as LSD cocaine prescription pills marijuana and Ecstasy and Molly all the drugs in this town and they are so proud of making a fake bust lmaoo pretty pathetic there has been at least 10 deaths in Wny on the last 7 months all unsolved cases two people were killed this summer went unreported some over doses heart attacks from cocaine that’s police department is a joke they make fake stories to cover their ass half of the department does drugs themselves they take the drugs from the people they lock up and use it they have all these fancy cars these swat trucks for what what are they doing driving around giving tickets stopping people from smoking pot or hanging out outside do your job pleaseeeeeee every once and while they make a bust so they can look like they are doing something and as for the mayor doesnt he have you indictments how is he still our mayor they close down the parks for the kids at night which keeps them in the streets or wanting to hang out when they want to be in the park playing basketball they cant because the residents complain about noise really how about counseling for the kids you know many kids come from unstable homes from abuse and have nowhere to go what happened to field day for the kids where are the activities one of the schools doesn’t even have a gym for the girls to practice cheerleading what happened to band and choir the ballet in the elementary school the art shows and talent shows they start in high school now this town has so much potential if only the people running it commited to their work.

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