West New York Mayor Felix Roque beats hacking and conspiracy charges in federal court. His son Joseph was acquitted of conspiracy, but found guilty on computer hacking.


  1. God is great and the judicial system of this country is the best.God bless America and god bless Mayor Roque and his son.

  2. Felix, god bless you and also your son Joseph!!!!
    Now Felix it’s time to clean house and get rid of all the garbage that tried kicking
    you when you were down and going through this nightmare.
    To all the negative people,WATCH OUT!!!!

  3. Mayor Roque congratulations and do not forget the truth! This poor attempt at unseating you was the brain child of Mayor Nick Sacco and Herb Klitzner. Now that this ordeal is over, it is time to join Mayor Stack and Governor Chris Christie in cleaning up our corruption plagued County.

  4. Fat Lady Has Sung You forgot to mention the wanna be deal maker Joe ” Quarters” Muniz the conduit between Sacco, Herb Klitzner and West New York.

  5. This indictment against Roque was bazaar. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on nothing. The real crooks are in North Bergen.

    The real corruption is in North Bergen not some Mickey Mouse hacking bull … 30 year tax abatements, tax deals, land deals, and payoffs. Millions to Herb Klitzner, Sacco’s lawyer and the list goes on.

  6. Congratulations Mayor Roque. A lot of people in this town, people outside of your administration, are very happy today.

    May God forgive those who have purposely hurt you and your family so much; may He give them a new heart!

  7. As a side note, we have learned one thing from this case. It does not help to be kind to an evil person. If somebody hates you, envies you and intends on hurting you, it won’t matter if you are nice to them. They will still come after you with a vengeance. Roque was nice to Munoz, defending him when he argued with Stack, allowing him to walk with him in the parade that day… and what did he get in return? Hell for him and his family for a long time until finally justice prevailed.
    Some say that if you are kind to others they will in turn be kind to you. I say when dealing with evil people that is often not the case. Unfortunately many are wolves in sheep clothing and it is very hard to tell what type of human beings they are.

    • Jose,

      The opinion I expressed has nothing to do with whether Mayor Roque should be recalled. If you disagreed with what I said, you could have offered an explanation as to why. Just calling my opinion BS tells me that you are perhaps one of those wolves in sheep’s clothing. Or perhaps just a wolf in wolf’s clothing.

  8. These poor guys Mayor Roque and son were the victims of Nick Sacco & Herb Klitzner. Mayor Roque smarten up! You have allowed Sacco & Herb Klitzner to place their people in key positions throughout City hall. Time to clean house. Join Stack & Gov. Christie!

  9. How did Sacco name ever get involved with Roque??? You all act like Roque is now God! Oh please, he lied to the Feds, His son is convicted, He is still a no good mayor! This guy Roque needs to resign and go away. Go back to being the legal drug pusher! Pain Clinic?? Yeah right???

  10. This hacking charges and what roque was on trial for is the least of what he has done to WNY and its people…He has harrased and intimidated many using building dept inspections,health inspection,police ticketing..WNY is in shambles planning board not working,zoning board not working,no parks dept,DPW non existing,25+ lawsuits,taxes up another 4% and Roque has proved undeniably one thing and one thing only that he a liar…lied to all the faces of the residents to the FBI to everyone…how can anyone believe anything that comes out of this man mouth again…So while I did want him to get convicted but not go to jail because I do not wish that on anyone,I did want him to be forced out of office because no matter how bad he is and he knows it he also has no spine and really doesnt care what the residents want….God is good and all will get what they deserve in due time…

  11. Whether we like it or not, it is a town hall’s responsibility to do health and building inspections and things of that sort. Now all of a sudden that has become harassment and intimidation to Roque’s detractors. Well, perhaps there is some truth to that in the sense that the government (at both the local and national level) intrudes way too much in our lives. But this certainly has not started with Mayor Roque, since it has been going on for a long time everywhere.

  12. Frankie, it is impossible for Mayor Roque to use any Departments for political reasons; especially The Health, Building and DPW Departments because he does not control them, Mayor Sacco does! All the important personnel who direct operations of these departments owe that allegiance to Sacco. It is a shame that Mayor Roque doesn’t even see it.

  13. Absolutely 100% guaranteed! It is a well known fact that Mayor Nick Sacco and Herb Klitzner were behind the whole scandal.

  14. Roque is foolish he lets North Bergen AKA NICK SACCO AKA HERB KLITZNER run his Town. Get real Roque!

  15. God bless you Mayor Roque on your not guilty verdict and those idiots on Hudson Ave.
    that were 2000 signatures short!!!
    God respected you and gave the people the truth

  16. Yes God may have given Roque the truth but Nick Sacco & Herb Klitzner gave him Freeholder Monoz and THE FBI.

  17. It is funny how people who before today were salivating about Roque and his son going to jail and even posted about the types of nasty things Joseph would have to endure there, it’s funny, I say, how now these people claim they never really meant for Roque to go to jail.

    It is also appalling and very sad that those very people, whose words and actions seem so far from God’s grace, are the ones that will use His Blessed Name to cast stones on those they hate and to whom they have caused great harm by words and deeds.

    They say “God is good and all will get what THEY deserve in due time.”

    I say: “God is good and all will get what WE deserve in due time.”

    “Vengeance is mine, I will repay” says the Lord. I believe Mayor Roque and his family will find peace and comfort in this reassurance.