In a One on One interview, Mayor Felix Roque completely denies allegations reported by Jersey Journal that FBI came to collect Computers and Documents from his Office and Home.


  1. *Could Dr. Felix Roque be the first Latino President?*I have known West New York Mayor Dr. Felix Roque since before the election, in which he won an upset in a landslide running against an entrenched machine on a reform ticket. Clean up the city, clean up City Hall. Some politicians are not happy with that, and Hudson County New Jersey has some of the most cut-throat politicians in the US.I predict that this latest slur will backfire producing even more support for Mayor Roque. As he said to me, “*I can’t be unethical, I’m in the Army*.” That may seem like a contradiction, but for someone like Roque who takes that responsibility seriously, it couldn’t be more true.This video lays it on the line, and Dr. Roque knows the difference between facts and spin. I am proud to be a citizen of West New York and I support our mayor as he faces these allegations that don’t make any sense.One report suggested that his extended circle was somehow responsible for crashing a server that hosted a web site that attacked Roque. That is plain bizarre and very unlikely that anybody could remotely cause a hardware failure. Maybe he was also walking on water at the time? No, he was doing his job, performing surgery.It’s time to say “*Just the facts, Ma’am*,” and in this video Roque not only refutes the alleged incidents he also presents his personal vision and ethics without pulling any punches.*Roque for President in 2016?* *Maybe…*

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