West New York Mayor Felix Roque denounces Che Guevara

West New York Mayor Felix Roque denounces Che Guevara. West New York Mayor Felix Roque bestows an important proclamation and raises awareness about the ignorance associated with the love affair surrounding Ernesto Che Guevara.


  1. Mayor who cares the residents of WNY need you to do your job! Che Gevarra never step foot in WNY. This mayor has lost since of reality.

  2. Does anyone really care what this a-ahole has to say? He got elected by lying and cheating! He is a total jerk! He is nothing, a real waste! Look at that poor town, it is filthy! recall this jackass, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Come on guys, let us be reasonable. You may not like Roque but, why do you take away his right to speak his mind? Whether you like Roque or not, it is true what he is saying about Che Guevara and unfortunately many don’t know it and hold him ( che) as a hero or some sort. We all have a right to express our views and to clarify things whether we are mayors or not.

  4. Happy Birthday DAd..u were a great father and the BEST Mayor hudson county ever experienced! Love you