West New York Mayor Felix Roque has Trial Posponed until September 2013. Trial was originally scheduled to take place in June 2012.



  1. He ain’t no mayor! He is a total jerk! Postponed? Resign already that’s what the Feds are waiting for!

  2. WoW Where is Justice. The Feds are using Roque in a fishing trip while Roque punishes and fires his enemies every day also while robbing the town. Who is the real target? SACCO????????

  3. I am not friend of roque but, why is it so wrong what he did? He was trying to defend himself from people who were trying to bring him down. Yes, people have a right to recall him but, shouldn’t roque or anybody else have the right to know who these people are? That is the way he recalled Vega. He did it openly, showing his face, not hiding his identity as if he was doing something wrong. I think when you are exercising your right to recall somebody, you should have the obligation to let that person and the public know who you are. In this sense, what roque did was not wrong at all.

    • What the hell kind of argument is that? What Roque did was try to take out his enemies one by one, using political retribution. RecallRoque.com posted articles bashing the administration, but everything there was factual. It was the same thing as if NJ.com printed articles without the writer’s names on them. Obviously, that would never happen, but there was nothing factually incorrect or slanderous about what was said. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Don’t become an elected official if you can’t take criticism. Also, the short answer is hacking is a federal crime. You don’t have to like it, but the law is the law.

  4. To me what happened to Roque it’s kind of like when somebody is talking about you behind your back, spreading lies, hurting your reputation. And you only know that people start looking at you differently, treating you differently and you know that something has happened, that something bad has been said about you, but you cannot do anything about it, you cannot defend yourself because you don’t know what person did the harm or what was said. I think many of us have been a victim of slander and it can be very frustrating because you are powerless. It is very different when you know who badmouthed you and what they said; then you can at least address it and try to defend yourself from it.
    It is in this sense that I have sympathy for Roque.

  5. Erica (Vilma) Fidel Castro called he said your a great person and you will be rewarded. Felix Roque will be informed to congratulate you and reward you some more.

    • And by the way, Marie, I understand your intention calling me Fidel Castro ( although wrong) but I can’t for the life of me figure out why you are calling me Vilma. What character is that supposed to be?

  6. Marie, the only one whom I hope will reward me one day is the good Lord. Whether you believe it or not, I have no alliance to Roque. He does not even know me nor would I want any reward for expressing my opinion. Why can’t you do the same without getting insulting?

    Madmax, my point is that people have a right to disagree and express disagreement but why not do it openly if your intention is good and you have nothing to hide? That is the way Roque recalled Vega. I think anybody deserves to know who his enemies are and, in this case, so does the public in general. I hate it when people go behind one’s back and badmouth a person destroying their reputation and the person is not able to defend him or herself because they don’t know who is coming after them. Would you like that to happen to you? You say that the articles published in that site were factual but without a signature they are not worth anything to me( as a member of the public.) Now if tomorrow somebody told you that they heard your wife was sleeping with another man, would you not want to know who started such accusation? Would you not do anything you could to find out? You say “if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.” Well, that should apply to those people who were hiding their identities. They should have not done so; they should have been willing to take the heat. Once again, let us do things openly not behind someone’s back. That is a true democracy.
    As far as hacking, I will not defend it, what’s wrong is wrong. However, there is a big difference between hacking with the intention of, say, robbing someone of an identity and stealing from them and hacking with the intention of discovering who is trying to bring you down. There is a big difference there. And it should matter when it comes to deciding Roque’s future.

    • Your example is intriguing, but off base. RecallRoque.com only cited court documents or newspaper articles about the public lives of people from the Roque administration. At no point were there any personal insults or rumors being thrown around, like accusing someone of being gay for example. Nothing like that was published. If you don’t support anonymous writing, that’s fine, but there’s nothing illegal or immoral about it. Roque is an elected official, a public figure, none of the people behind RecallRoque.com can say the same. If they were all elected officials, or all town workers, in other words, all on a level playing field, I’d agree with you that the writers should have used their name. That isn’t the case here though. At least some of the writers had Roque as a boss and surely would have been fired if they used their real names. This is an inarguable point. I actually agree with you 100% that the hacking statute is too broad and the charges brought against Roque are a little absurd … but it is what it is. Also, the point your missing is the only person with a recall going against Roque is Commissioner Count Wiley. Even though the name of the website was RecallRoque.com, none of those people were actively trying to recall Mayor Roque. The name was such because they believed he deserved/needed to be recalled.

  7. Roque did wrong and dragged his son into it. The only person I feel sorry for is his son. Shame on Roque for getting his son involved!

  8. Johnb you hit the nail on the head there,the act of involving his son in my eyes is far worst than the crime itself…What father does this…

  9. Maybe Roque will resign and run for the Board of Ed. with Erica”Vilma” p.s.
    isn’t she already on the board?