West New York Mayor-Pain Doctor Rolls Out Program to Raising Opioid Abuse

A significant and increasing concern was behind today’s press conference with the Mayor, Commissioner and other officials in West New York today in regards to the opioid abuse that seems to be plaguing many American communities.

West New York officials are rolling out an education and prevention plan called ROQue that will teach the serious and fatal dangers of taking opioids and/or sharing/abusing prescription medications.

In addition, West New York is placing mobile medicine drops where people can turn in under and expired prescriptions to prevent them getting into the wrong hands. We spoke to Captain Monte on this project as well as the NARCAN program that is being launched tonight which help prevent overdoses.

West New York will be educating schools, parents and places of worship to spread the word to the community and youth, in particular, about staying clear of drugs and alcohol. Hudson TV spoke to Mayor Roque in greater detail about ROQue and the importance of starting the program asap.

Mayor Roque, who is currently under fire herself, for prescribing his own patients the powerful drug, fentanyl, discussed the important role that doctors play in this growing drug problem. He urges physicians to carefully screen patients in order to not prescribe recklessly, especially since many individuals who are addicted lie about symptoms in order to obtain painkillers.

The hope is that through urgency and these new programs, West New York, can prevent addiction before it begins by educating the public through ROQue and mentor ship and to be on the forefront of changing the community before it gets too late.

Full Press Conference Below

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