West New York Mayor and Residents for a Better WNY join forces

West New York Mayor and Residents for a Better WNY join forces. Frank Ferreiro discusses why he has made peace with Mayor Roque.


  1. Best interview ive seen by Fernando in a while. … Very few of your members? More than half your core group disappeared. …..if its very few why is the only pictures they show is of frank and crop everyone else out . FYI He only has two people with him. Should change the name to Residents for Froque. I wonder what type of deal he got… must have been real sweet.

  2. LOL! Frank loves this town so much he doesn’t even live here. What a phony! No wonder he hooked up with Roque, they are two of a kind.
    Too bad Frank will find out too late what a mistake he’s made. Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas. Start scratching, Frank.

  3. Hey, Danny, Did you notice the letters in the window behind Frank in that photo? “S O” — must stand for “Sell Out”. Very fitting. I’m glad that you and most of the other members of the group didn’t join him. Your principles and integrity are intact, and those things are the true measure of a person’s worth. All the dirty money in the world can’t buy character. You guys can hold your heads up high. Frank cannot.

  4. I guess every man has a price.. That is why I don’t join groups who specialize in one issue.. You are a sell out.

  5. Hard to believe that he is a col. In the military.. He has no leadership skills, he is not a good man.. And frank you are a sell out, all the speeches, all those flyers stating that the mayor was an sob, to now he is a reformed, good person.. I hope whatever you sold out for was worth selling out the good people in this town.. I hope all those fleas make you feel good..

  6. I always knew that the only thing that motivated Frank was his hatred for the Mayor, and not his love for West New York, like he claimed. I told him so and he kept saying I was just Roque’s puppet.