West New York Mayor’s son, Joseph Roque, sentenced to 1 year probation for computer hacking. Joe Roque, 24, was sentenced by Judge Kevin McNulty at the Federal Court House in Newark this morning for hacking into the Recall Roque website back in February 2012. He also received a $2,500 fine and 100 hours community service as part of his sentence.


  1. Rewards of Corruption. It’s who you know for sure. 2015 Mayor the hacker and criminal Felix Roque of West New York will be voted out!!! What did Bobby Menendez promise this Judge behind closed doors during the Roque’s trial last year? What ever this Judge said to the Jury swayed their verdict to save this Liar Daddy.

  2. Emilio Del Valle lied to The FBI and jury during Choque Roques trial. Not only did Emilio change his testimony after Mayor Nick Sacco and his subordinates promise him a seat at the table but he is now a full blown Roque supporter. Shortly The U.S.Attorney will indict Emilio for lying to federal agents in exchange for payment (20k part-time job in WNY).