Two residents questioned the officials on the alleged corruption in the school. West New York Officials Address State Department of Education’s Damning Report.


  1. Caridad Rodriguez your hiding from the public at this Commissioner meeting has been noted. Roque your Jail cell is awaiting!

  2. People forget Sal Vega was a snake in the grass WAKE-UP people he was as phony as they get..

  3. GED I bet Vargas can’t even recite the alphabet, and Frias in
    what year and what alias did her children first enroll in

    • Bill Gates & Steve Jobs never got their college degrees… & Carnegie, Edison & Lincoln never got their GED’s neither!

  4. Gary, Frias and Vargas were Inventors and Pioneers in there own
    Frias landed here on the 168# bus from New York and the
    people of WNY elected her.
    She will never tell you anything else before that bus-ride????

    Vargas, unlike Edison who invented the light,Vargas still
    can’t see the light.
    Now Gary Pollack are their anymore considerations?

  5. YES!!! There R 2 r’s in garry & Why don’t U cum from behind a pseudonym?
    & I got here on a bus, too…the 190 from Secaucus. At the next THM why don’t U ask her “who” she is…Everything I need to know about this administration I get @ THM’s or from this site & that is why I have told Felix I M Disappointed & Disillusioned w/his administration & they way politics R done on this side of the (Cromakill) Creek!

  6. Gary, I guess I’m lazy with the second “R”, and most people believe
    it’s pronounced the same.
    As for my name it’s been the same also for 40 plus years
    and I’m not going to change it!!!
    As for Mayor Felix I also believe he has a short shelf life
    so why change anything at all!!!
    Go back on the 190 bus where u also came from !!!

  7. Mr. Johnson,

    It’s not nice for you to want to send people away just because they disagree with you. Aren’t you better than the people you are criticizing?

    • Erica, we shud feel sorry for this…”mr johnson?”…He just lacks the cojones to let us know “who” he is; But fortunately we can say we do know “what” he is…
      Erica, I hope U will come to a UC, NB or WNY THM & introduce ureself!