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The new facility is part of reconstruction at Miller Park

WEST NEW YORK, NJ — Mayor Felix E. Roque, M.D., Parks and Public Property Commissioner Margarita Guzman, and the Town of West New York Board of Commissioners celebrated the opening of a brand new splash on Thursday afternoon.

The new state of the art facility at Miller Park is part of the Commissioners commitment to beautifying neighborhoods and providing the best facilities to West New York residents. The 16,000-square-foot area showcases over 30 active play water-spraying features, including water cannons, waterslides, a rain tunnel, and a monsoon 40 gallon dumping bucket. The facility is designed for children of all ages with overlapping splash pads and incorporates a 6,000-gallon recirculation system reduce the use of water.

“I am very thankful for the town and the Board of Commissioners for working together to bring this wonderful new splash park to West New York,” said Mayor Roque. “Our children and families deserve these types of amenities in the communities where they live.”

The opening for the new play area, which is dedicated to the children of West New York, marks the completion of phase one of the park’s renovation. Phase two of the project will include the construction of a new playground, neighborhood garden, and dog park.

“This is part of our commitment to beautify the Town of West New York and our new splash park is an investment that will benefit everyone in the community,” said Commissioner Guzman. “We are here for our children. Our Children are our future and we built this for them.”