The home had a fire in December 2011 that officials called suspicious.


  1. Patrick, nice try and we see your frustration but you know the

    Corrupt-corrupt and corrupt

  2. Pat you got alot of Votes if you Run next election in town. All these out of Towns are being exposed more and more.

  3. Ken Blane who is on the Zoning Board said (it is in the minutes)that :
    no work could be done UNTIL all fines Federal, State , County & Town were paid.

    The Planning board meeting that night Should be investigated because NO ONE KNEW what they were voting on, they cancelled the PUBLIC PORTION because they were TIRED! So no one got to speak about The Vargus favor,which there should be an another investigation into.

    Now after the march 6 meeting, at last night’s Commissioner meeting the Mayor said he is replacing 5 board members.

    Roques son’s girlfriend 21 years old hired to HEAD PARKS @ $60,000 a year and NO she is NOT from WNY! We could hire 6 qualified people to run the parks @ 10,000.00 FROM WNY!

    • I thank all for their comments. Mike Corso was the only Planning Board member who demonstrated he was aware of the history of illegal apt conversion, the suspicious nature of the Vargas fire, fines owed by Commissioner. Vargas and his estranged wife, a history of the Vargas’ owing back taxes, a judge-mandated Hudson County Sheriffs sale of the Vargas propedty at 74 67th street. What he may not know, and all should knoe, is that Ruben Vargas had 2 bankruptcies. The second one went through just as he won election as Commissioner. How is it that for two people with apparent cash flow issues, Carmen is able to afford to rebuild her house?