West New York Planning Board Votes Down New Redevelopment Zone

West New York Planning Board Votes Down New Redevelopment Zone. The nearly 2.5 hour hearing had plenty of public outrage about the proposal.



  1. Good for you Mike Corso. Who is this Eunice person anyway? I know you for many years and know who you are. She on the other hand is an unknown to many of us true West New Yorker’s. I would not be surprised at all if she lived out of town. This is very common place in West New York.

    There is so much overdevelopment in the area. It’s sickening. The people are tired of the administration and their choices. As for the members of the Board they look uninterested or as if they don’t undertand the English language. Maybe it’s both.

    As Mr Johnson says: It looks like a family affair! In any event, the right thing was done to vote against this project. Let’s hope this is not a temporary vote.

  2. The WNY municipality and its government is awash with conflicts of interest. This will not stop until the citizens of WNY stand up, take notice and call out their elected officials. We, the citizens, need to expose the cronism and corruption that is so prevalent in this great town of ours. Until more people in this town join in the effort to expose this town’s government malfeasance, our elected officials will continue to exploit the apathy of the citizens and continue doing what ever they want. It’s right in front of us for everyone to see…we just have to care.