West New York Police Department has great news to share. On Monday April 7th, Hudson County TV went to see the unveiling of four new police cars in West New York. While there, we learned that this not the only great news for West New York. They also hired new police officers, and crime as a whole has gone down in the town.


  1. Roque we don’t need more police cars or police officers. Please use some of the tax money to clean the streets of WNY. Or, better yet, get a better garbage company to come pick up the garbage. Another idea for you to think about would be to hire two waste management companies….the one that comes and spills the garbage and then another one to pick up the garbage that the first one left behind. It’s disgusting. Now you want to ticket people for alternate street cleaning and the streets are still as filthy as when the garbage trucks leave the streets smelly and dirty in the middle of the night. I don’t know where you live Mayor Roque but come take a walk on the real streets of our town. I have never seen this town as dirty as it has been in your power. I know you have friends by the water side that probably don’t pass the west side of boulevard east and I’m positive garbage clean up is not an issue for them. Mr. Mayor just take a walk