West New York Police Department promotes Lt. Mark Flores to Captain. Police Director Bob Antolos, Mayor Felix Roque and Commissioner Cardidad Rodriguez gushed about the promotion. Reported by Sarah Introna – Hudson County TV


  1. It will be Lt. Cannot make Capt. From Sgt. Get your reporting right , you guys are terrible. By the way , congrats Capt!!

  2. Mr Flores has been and always will be a hack with a badge. Get out on the street and see what WNY has turned into. Collecting a pay check and sing how great the Town and the PD is not what you have been getting paid for Mr Flores. This goes for all the High Brass in your delusional world of WNY and its Police Dept.

    Time to get real WNY!

    Caridad Rodriguez you really are a disgusting leader. You make people sick with your game.

  3. This story goes back to October 2013. Where is Captain Mark Flores now or since? Has anyone seen him in WNY or on the streets? Captain Mark Flores sorry to say is not a Cop at all. Scammer and Never works and is never seen. Where does his Fat pay check get mailed?