West New York Police Director Robert Antolos confirms his department is cooperating with FBI investigation

West New York Police Director Robert Antolos confirms his department is cooperating with FBI investigation. Antolos responded to questions and speculation regarding the FBI at the special board of commissioners meeting on Tuesday.


  1. The only friend “Choque” Roque has is money. This man is a greedy pig beyond belief! Roque surrounds himself with some of the most questionable characters around. If you rounded up all of Roques associates it would look like the recreation yard at Sing-Sing or Rahway.
    It is time for The Fererales to clean house. This idiot Mayor needs to be removed from office ASAP if West New York stands a chance. Citizens wake up! West New York is crumbling. The Government is non-functional; The police, recreation, dpw, building and parks etc. etc. departments are deteriorating beyond belief.

    Roque! Please do us a favor and resign! You were a good man with good ideas who unfortunately became consumed by power and greed. We implore you Mayor Choque to throw out all of your dirty laundry/associates and start anew. Please give West New York a fighting chance.

  2. Munoz is wired…Herb Klitzner is wired…Joe Muniz is wired…Manny Diaz is wired…DeMarco is wired THE WHOLE DAM PLACE IS WIRED!

  3. As someone who does not live in WNY, I must say the town under Roque, Garcia, Demarco, and Acosta has become an embarrassment to the rest of the state. Where does one begin. Computer hacking, using a taxpayer generator for personal use, threats, intimidation, lawsuits, hiring of every low life political scum possible, FBI investigations everyday, last minute meeting do deny the public the right to attend and see what is going on, Roque does not even had common respect for the position by dressing appropriately for a public meeting. Then you have the three stooges, Rodriquez, Frior, and Vargas. They have no businesses being public servants. Vargas has already acknowledged that he cannot even read or write. Not sure how these people fooled WNY residents one, but shame on you if the fool you again. This gang has to go and the sooner the better.