West New York ticket: Wiley ignites battle with Roque

“When I first walked into this administration four years ago, there was nothing but headaches,” says Commissioner Count Wiley. “About the fear that he’s put into these people,” he adds of Mayor Felix Roque — that’s not something that I can be a part of.”

According to Wiley, he wants to be mayor to take the position to lead.

“With the visions I have and with a great team with me – the other four commissioners, who I think are gonna be fantastic commissioners for this community,” he says.  “They’re real people with passion who care.  They don’t have all this political contamination in their heads.”

The West New York United team includes Carlos Betancourt, Myrli Sanchez, Hector Hernandez and Thomas Leung, a ticket Wiley says he trusts — unlike the current administration.

Betancourt, a retired police sergeant says he has no tolerance for corruption.

Sanchez, (who was sidelined after slipping and twisting her knee at work), works for the town and had an unsuccessful school board run on the West New York Kids First slate.

Life-long West New Yorker, Hector Hernandez served on the housing authority for 18 years and says the town is in urgent need of change.

Thomas Leung, who also couldn’t attend Tuesday’s event, would represent the waterfront, according to Wiley.

“Stood there for the people, I stuck it out, I fought for them,” Wiley says.  “I was pretty much the watchdog for West New York. Where were you as the mayor, as the person who’s the leader, you should be in control.”

The commissioner has plans, including building the business district and getting the city back on its feet.

“Be a part of something that’s gonna be beautiful; it’s gonna be positive,” Wiley says.  “We’re gonna create stability in West New York; we’re gonna create the best programs for our children.”

Wiley says he believes in the people that they’re going to be there for him in May.


  1. If the citizens of WNY attended town hall meetings…they wud know Count Wiley is head over heels the most Committed, Dedicated & Honest possible alternative to Fidel; oops no I meant Felix…No Freudian slip; I Did mean Fidel!