West New York voters approve elected school board in a landslide. Residents for a Better West New York leader Frank Ferreiro spoke to HCTV following the victory.


  1. Can anybody explain to me how come Fran and his group will get to pick the people to be elected to sit on the board? Can’t just anybody be a candidate to be on the board or does Fran have to “select” him/her?
    If that is the case, what is going to be the benefit? We will be going from a Board run by the Mayor to one run by Fran and his friends. Corruption will continue if that is the case.
    I would appreciate some clarification.

  2. Thank you, Frank et al., for all your hard work on this important issue. Well done! It’s a great victory for the people and by the people. Next step: mayor/council, the way municipal government should be.

    Mayor Roque and friends, take heed. This is how a democracy works.

  3. Pablo, that’s a valid question. I don’t think any one person will get to select candidates – at least it should not be done that way – and I think he was speaking in the excitement of the moment, but you are right that it needs to be clarified.
    We need to look at how the process is conducted in other towns with elected boards and use those as a guide.

    • I agree. I don’t think any particular group should be able to select candidates. Any person in WNY should be able to run independently.

  4. this is awesome news!!! the town won’t control the jobs in the board of education. Thank you Mr Ferreiro and thank you for this great coverage and for keeping us informed, I have never seen so many town videos in any other place ever!

  5. Congratulations, Frank! And of course Frank deserves to put up a slate. He opened to door for all of us. Anyone can run, provided they meet the qualifications of the office and obtain enough signatures required to get on the ballot.. There is the real possibility of a saturation point. We must be careful thatwe don’t run too many tickets that the current administration, you know, the administration that the State D.O.E. found might have violated state laws in hiring unqualified individual to a position, taking politics to a new low by shaking down school adminustrators for thousands of dollars in campaign function tickets, among other things, could squeek by with a ein if we spread out our majority opposition tickets to much.