Adelaida Alvarenga has been alive for more than a century and now the 103-year-old is celebrating another milestone birthday with those who love her.

Alvarenga came from humble beginnings to raise two children, a son and daughter and has called West New York home for 31 years.

The wisdom that she has and just her presence…

“When I walked in today, I think her presence definitely spoke louder than any words that she could have said,” says Commissioner Susan Colacurcio.

There are many things that this special woman attributes to her longevity… from milk to wine to face cream to pupusas and tamales.

And the real secret according to her doctor, eating 5-7 small meals a day for years.

She spends much of her time watching TV, praying and eating.

To make it this far in life is pretty much unheard of.

“There’s a resident in town that was actually alive during Woodrow Wilson’s era is kind of spectacular,” Colacurcio says.

Grandson Andy Monzon has many friends whose parents or grandparents are that much younger and have already passed.

“To get to this point with my grandmother of 103 is pretty unbelievable,” Monzon says.

In so many aspects of his life and moving along in his faith she’s been there.

“On behalf of the mayor and the commissioners, it’s really an honor to have a resident at 
103-years-old,” Colacurcio says.