WNY candidate arrested for old traffic ticket


West New York Commission candidate Hector Hernandez shelled out over $500 recently to clear up an old traffic violation in Clark Township, New Jersey.

Clark Township Municipal Court Administrator Lorraine Disko says back on October 23, 2012, Judge Antonio Inacio fined Hernandez for driving with a suspended license. She says Hernandez never paid the fine or showed up in court until he was arrested last month.

Disko says Hernandez paid $535 to clear up the problem and the case has been closed.   She provided Hudson County TV with Hernandez’ license plate number, allowing us to research other potential violations.  According to the New Jersey Courts website, Hernandez has 16 outstanding tickets in West New York, five in Bayonne, one in Hoboken, one in Jersey City and one in North Bergen.  The bulk of the tickets involve parking violations.

Hernandez is running on Count Wiley’s ticket.  Campaign manager Michael Indri issued the following statement to Hudson County TV this afternoon.   “The outstanding parking tickets, which were incurred by Hernandez’ children without his knowledge, are being taken care of and the issue in Clark Township has been rectified.”



  1. Parking tickets ? Are you serious ? Only a LOSER would stoop down to that level to try to discredit somebody . SMH

  2. my fellow west New York residents and voters, given the challenges that the great town of West New York is facing economic, social and political, not to mention municiple, I believe that we should be looking at much more important things with regard to the candidates then whether or not they had some parking tickets their children didn’t tell them about. How many people can say that their kids have not done something like that and kept it from their parents. I think we have bigger things to look at when we decide whether or not someone should be a candidate for office let alone a commissioner, Hector Hernandez is my friend and has my full support.

    Ralph Martell

  3. so hudsoncountytv sold to Roque, these people are so dirty they will find anything to make someone look bad, if thats all they can find then hector is a good man, im sure we’ve all had parking tickets we could pay at one point. We live in WNY most of us are poor, a parking ticket is the last thing on our minds, were out here trying to survive, feed our kids and family. Maybe roque should lower the ticket prices instead of putting more meters up. Why dont you make a story about that, we dont even have enough parking spots and roque wants to take down parking lots and build buildings and then they want to give people tickets for parking an inch too close to the corner and charge an over priced fee. we work a full day, come home tired to look for parking, waste $20 of gas till you find a spot and then on top of that you get a $40 ticket and there goes the 8 hours you just sacrificed to pay the rent and feed your kids, and now with christmas here we dont have money to pay tickets and give our kids everything they want.