In a video provided by Larry Wainstein, Mayor Roque told a crowd of supporters: “Larry is fighting for the well being of  your town, that’s why I am here representing West New York and the commissioners with me, because we need to help Larry, therefore; Larry I am here with you.. and tomorrow.. I will inform my town that I am with you and we will be fighting at your side.”

When Hudson TV requested a comment for clarification from West New York, Town’s spokesman  Pablo Fonseca sent the following statement: “Mayor Roque supports his friends and allies and Larry Wainstein has been a strong supporter of Mayor Roque throughout the years. They both have common goals which are good government and people first. Mayor Roque has endorsed Senator Menedez for re-election and Mayor Stack for Hudson County Chairman”.

When pressured to answer if Roque endorsed Wainstein, Fonseca said: “my statement speaks for itself.

Meanwhile, Phil Swibinski, spokesperson for the town of North Bergen sent the following statement:”It’s puzzling to see Mayor Roque endorse someone like Larry Wainstein who doesn’t even live in North Bergen and has been absolutely demolished and embarrassed in every single election he’s ever participated in. Next year’s campaign in North Bergen will be no different. Mayor Roque should be more concerned with West New York where in the last few months he has lost control of local government with a majority of the Board of Commissioners breaking away from him, and with his own chances of re-election which appear to be getting slimmer by the day.”



  1. “Before Boss Sacco starts giving advice to other Mayors, he should get his own house in order. Corruption continues to plague the North Bergen Housing Authority. His step-son is still awaiting trial for a no-show job that defrauded taxpayers. I’d be surprised if Sacco makes it to next May without being carted away in handcuffs first. His days as the Chief Political Boss in Hudson County are numbered.”

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