WNY Parking Authority carries new Capodagli development to April 15 meeting

WNY Parking Authority carries new Capodagli development to April 15 meeting. The proposed project at 66th Street and Park Avenue has created some controversy among residents who spoke out at the meeting. The board decided to carry the resolution on the matter to the next scheduled meeting due to several unanswered questions regarding the project.


  1. This was just like a play ,with scripts and props…This property should
    be worth more than a smaller property that is 2 blocks away which was
    appraised at 20 million dollars but this property is bigger and they are
    getting it for 2 millions dollars so they put on a show,act so genuine
    and try to convince us that they are not scheming the shit out of our
    town.Lets look at the real facts.They been trying for a year and a half
    to build a luxury condo building on the corner of 66 and Blvd east and
    they want to build another 13 story building 2 blocks up on park Ave.the
    real funny part is that in the middle of these two huge luxury condo
    building that will make millions in profits and will get tax
    abatement,well in the between these two luxury high rises the
    Roque,silvio and caridad clan all own a piece of property as well as
    some of their friends.they are just dying for this to go through so that
    they can get their big pay day.they bought houses on these blocks for
    about 200,000 and their values will increase in excess of 500,000.put it
    to you this way roque’s property on lincoln is already demolished and
    waiting to be built on….lol..this is the equivalent in my eyes as
    insider trading is in the stock market.they are cheats and schemers and
    swear that we are stupid but we see right through you and all your
    attempts.better hurry this up because come may 2015 you schemes are over
    and be careful because a new administration can unravel some truths and
    well then you know what happens…bad boy bad boy what you gonna do
    when they come for you…..I hope you all like chrome jewelry….

  2. Keep up the good fight, Frank. It was good to see you, Chuck Betancourt, Tony DeFino, Jr., Danny Luis, Linda Kellerman, And Danny Luis and Daniel Alvarez there this morning. I wonder why, on 11/19/12 When Henry Rodriguez was appointed by the 4 member governing body (Roque absent) to the WNY Parking Authority, why didn’t his Father in Law, Commissioner Ruben Vargas recuse himself? Would Commissioner Wiley or Frias have voted to appoint had they known that Mr. Rodriguez is Mr. Vargas son in law? So this is how loyal board members are selected?! Something is Rotten in Denmark (Only because the corrupt rotting stench of the current administration and its powerplays by some of its very conflicted boards appointees can apparently be smelled from that far away.

  3. This is the typical way they have worked since the beginning. Look at what they did to the BOE. It’s a disgrace.

  4. At this meeting, the developer, George Capodagli conceded he will try to get the Planning board to designate this area in such a way that it would be eligible for tax abatements, by mofifying the Master Plan. Tonight, 4/2/14 @6:30 p.m. in town hall second floir courtroom is discussion of Master Plan. Please come tonight and voice your concerns over the unneeded development of our 66th street parking lot or of any more tax abatements that come at great cost to the town and non abated residents.