WNY Parking Authority Continues ‘Go Green’ initiative with license detection program ​New technology will improve driver parking experience and reduce waste

WEST NEW YORK, NJ – The West New York Parking Authority (WNYPA) announced today its continued push for green initiatives, with the implementation of a new license plate recognition (LPR) technology that cuts back on printed parking decals. The technology will make parking decks a thing of the past for WNYPA’s direct-to-driver payment system while reducing printed materials that drivers must keep in or on their vehicles.

The LPR technology allows a driver to input their license plate number when making the payment, instead of a parking space number. The system will then use the license plate to charge the driver for parking. In an effort to go greener, WNYPA is digitizing and streamlining the process, making the parking lots and garages one step closer to a completely paperless system.
Looking to move forward and keep up with twenty-first century technology, WNYPA is inviting new and innovative LPR system. With these technological advances, parking lots and garages will move smoother with the improvement of their operations, alleviating stress for individuals that use the lots every day.

By digitizing and streamlining the process, the LPR system will also decrease overhead and administrative costs associated with decals, permit applications, and enforcement. It will create a simpler management system for both the driver and the parking authority.

The LDR program is the latest example of the green initiative by the parking authority. In April, WNYPA was awarded a $162,000 grant by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to purchase, install, and maintain 27 level-2 dual-port electric vehicle charging stations at municipal lots throughout the town.

WNYPA first announced their green plan alongside infrastructure improvements to their 63rd Street parking lot earlier this year. Set to commence this summer, the project will replace the parking space’s traditional asphalt with an environmentally-friendly material. The new surface will filter stormwater through the underlying soil, reducing the impact on the sewer system and minimizing the need for processing and chemical treatments. The improved drainage will also reduce standing water and ice, providing better safety conditions for pedestrians.

About the WNYPA ​The West New York Parking Authority was created in 1964 by the Town of West New York to provide a means of addressing the current and future parking demands of the Town including the preparation of a comprehensive and coordinated plan for the development, financing, construction, operations and/or management of parking resources and certain specific parking facilities located within the Town. For more information, visit www.wnyparkingauthority.org or follow us on social media @WNYPA and facebook.com/WNYParkingAuthority for the latest WNY parking news, notices & updates.


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