WNY town attorney Garcia says deputy mayor Silvio Acosta may have fines for illegal apartments abated.¬†Department of Community Affairs says Garcia’s statements on the matter are inaccurate. CORRECTION: Wiley’s Attorney should have been identified as Fernando Jimenez, not Francisco Jimenez.¬†


  1. Felix Roque you really screwed up WNY. Everything you said to get elected was a Lie. I am sorry I voted for you and your Commissioners. You and your Commissioners are more Corrupt than Vega and his team ever where. Hell awaits You all.

  2. Residents, this is another trick by Felix the magician, first it was a
    two-family then after an inspection it becomes a six family!

    Felix an Silvio give me the names to your contractors I have a couple of
    two families I want to convert and then can I get the same type of
    approvals also threw your boards(friends)

  3. Roque was corrupt before he even got elected, if that what you want to call why he is now the so-called mayor. He won by less than 500 votes! It was a scam! He got elected with the help of Albio Sires, Richard Turner & Brian Stack, says alot about those three! I will never, ever again vote for Sires or Stack.

  4. John B. this is right, how can these guys campaign for a indicted
    guy, then say they never knew him?
    Christie ban all indicted officials,now!