Woman arrested after found with $17,500 in unpaid toll violations


Tara Paczkowski, a 33-year-old from Old Bridge has been charged with Theft of Service and Theft by Unlawful taking after found with $17,500 in unpaid toll violations.

At about  9:30 on 4/10/2017 the suspect was seen by Port  Authority Police at the Lincoln Tunnel driving a 2014 Nissan east bound in a marked EZ pass lane at the Lincoln Tunnel.  The suspect was pulled over by Port Authority police  for a toll violation after she passed through the EZ pass lane without paying. She could not produce an  EZ pass transponder.  Port Authority Police learned the suspects account indicated that the suspect had incurred violations amounting to over $17,500.00 in Tolls and fees in 270 events.

The Nissan was impounded and the suspect arrested.