Woman seriously injured after falling 5 stories out of apartment building window in North Bergen

NORTH BERGEN – A 34-year-old North Bergen woman is hospitalized with two broken legs, broken ribs, and multiple face fractures after falling 5 stories out of an apartment building on 79th St. in North Bergen, officials said.

According to Sergeant Dowd of North Bergen Police, on February 28th the woman was visiting her friend, who was also the owner of the apartment building, and had a few drinks. At around 1:00 a.m. she was smoking a cigarette out the window when she fell five stories.

North Bergen Police responded to the scene to assess the situation and to confirm it was accidental. Sergeant Dowd described the window as “very narrow” and it was “opened pretty wide.” The apartment owner and friend confirmed the story and told police they were having a conversation when she just leaned too far and fell. The victim, who was in serious condition at the hospital, told police the same thing.

North Bergen Police reported no sign of struggle or foul play. Neighbors from the area said they did not hear any type of arguments coming from the apartment.